Winning Moneyline Bet is Easier Than ever Now

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The first market that we usually approach in online betting is that of simple victory, be it for a team, athlete, etc. This market is placed in most bookmakers , such as Money Line (ML) , that is, the one where you bet on the final winner, without any line that requires more than a simple win.

How to bet on ML?

Betting on the Sbobet88 Money Line line is very simple, just analyze who is the one who has the best chances of winning the match, and bet on your simple win.

Unlike handicap options, where the house adds lines to balance the odds, ML is basically choosing which result happens in a match: team A’s win, draw or team B’s win.


In this example, we have clear evidence of a well-balanced confrontation, where the principal has a slight favoritism.

Here, any choice option is part of the ML line, but although the tie is also part of this market, ML is usually placed for whoever is the winner, or tie at the end of the match.

In football ML quotes are easier to understand, as practically every game, bookmakers place this option within matches.

It turns out that when the team is so favorite, this market almost becomes unfeasible to bet, due to the extreme imbalance of prices:


ML is not usually bet here. Because? Well, basically because it would not have a positive result in the short term, since the relationship between the investment risk, and the profit it can generate, has a very evident negative balance.

Money line city

Manchester City would be very favorite, I believe they would win 9 out of 10 games in this type of confrontation, however, let’s think rationally, the only time he loses, his result will be a loss.

If you use a standard investment amount at the bookmakers, we will use a 100 $ chance, and calculate with the odds of the game.

  • 100 X 1.10 = 110 ($ 10 profit)
  • 10 x 9 = 90 (profit of 90 reais if Manchester city wins this game 9 times)
  • 1 City loss = -100 $
  • 90-100 = -10 $

We used this simple example to explain that although the Money Line line is the simplest to bet, because it is the one that we learn even when we never bet on anything in life, it can be illusory.

Confrontations like this are what happen most in the Premier League, and even in other leagues, such as Spanish, German, etc. Where the favorite is considered much superior to the opponent, and ends up receiving an extremely low quote.

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