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Why You Need SR22 Non Owner Insurance

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Did you know that every forty-five seconds, someone is killed in a drunk driving accident? This statistic helps explain why punishments against DWIs charges are so strict.

However, the punishments don’t just extend to criminal chargings, they can also affect your car insurance policies. If you were involved in drunk driving or a similar type of violation, you might be required to get SR22 insurance.

This is true even if you don’t own the vehicle you’re driving. So, what is SR22 non owner insurance? And why do you need it?

If you want to learn the answer to these questions, and more, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about SR22 insurance. Let’s get started!

What Is SR22 Non Owner Insurance?

If you’ve had you’ve been designated a high-risk driver, or you’ve had your license suspended, then you’ll likely need SR22 insurance. While SR22 isn’t a type of insurance, it does confirm to your state that your insurance policy meets the auto coverage requirements where you live.

There are three types of SR22 insurance: owner, non-owner, and owner/operator. If you own a vehicle, you will need either owner or owner/operator.

However, what if you drive a company vehicle for work but don’t own a car yourself? In these situations, you will still require SR22 non-owner’s insurance.

It’s important to note that SR22 no owner insurance is a policy, not coverage. That means you get two things included with your policy: property damage liability and bodily injury liability.

In the event that you damage someone else’s car or home, property damage liability will kick in. Meanwhile, bodily injury liability will cover the injured party’s medical bills in the event that you’re at fault.

In order to be eligible for non owner’s insurance, you’re required not to own a car.

Additionally, you can’t live with someone with a car you have access to. Lastly, you cannot have an ignition interlock device with non-owner insurance.

Who Requires This Type of Insurance?

There are many reasons why you might require SR22 non-owner’s insurance. Most commonly, it’s because you were convicted of a DWI, DUI, or similar alcohol-related offense.

However, there are a lot of other situations that might require it as well. These include things like:

  • Driving without liability insurance
  • Being involved in an auto accident while being underinsured
  • Reckless driving convictions
  • Having too many DMV points on your record
  • Getting too many traffic violations in a short period of time
  • Reinstating your license following a suspension
  • Applying for a probationary permit

So, if any of these things apply to you, you might need SR22 insurance. If you aren’t sure whether you need it, contact the DMV in your state.

Does SR22 Non Owner Insurance Cover Any Car You Drive?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, How does sr22 insurance work in practice? SR22 non-owner insurance will cover any vehicle that you drive.

The only caveat is that the car cannot be owned by you or one of your family members. However, if you rent a car for work, you’re covered. The same goes for if you borrow a friend’s car or a work vehicle.

However, it’s important to note that non-owner insurance is secondary coverage. That means that it will only apply once the primary coverage reaches its limit.

For example, let’s say you’re driving your boss’s van to a job. You get in an accident and total another car.

The auto insurance your boss has on the van will kick in first to pay for the damage caused. However, once it reaches a liability limit, then your secondary coverage will come into play.

How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

The cost to file an SR22 form actually isn’t that expensive. Depending on where you live, it will generally cost around $25. However, don’t get too excited.

The addition of an SR22 form on your insurance policy will likely increase your rate quite a bit. Why? Because of previous behavior that has labeled you a high-risk driver.

Your insurance company believes you’re more likely to potentially get in a car accident. Because of this, you need to pay more money for coverage.

The good news is that non owner SR22 insurance tends to cost less than owner or owner/operator coverage. So, you can save some money by driving cars that you don’t own.

Where Is the Best Place to Get SR22 Non Owner Insurance?

The first thing you should do is look for auto insurance providers that offer SR22 policies. Not every insurance company provides these policies, so don’t just assume they have them.

Next, make sure that the company is offering it in the state where you live. For example, if you live in Illinois, you should look for SR22 insurance Chicago. Once you find a few providers, you can start comparing policies.

Don’t just go with the first quote you encounter. Keep looking until you find a cheap sr22 car insurance policy.

Once you get an SR22 attached to your non-owner’s policy, you will need to electronically file it with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Most of the time, the insurance company will handle this.

But you should still confirm that they filed it, just in case. Otherwise, you could get in trouble legally in the event of a traffic violation or accident.

Appreciated Learning About SR22 Insurance? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you learn when you might need SR22 non owner insurance. SR22 insurance can definitely feel like a pain. It’s more expensive, and it requires a lot of additional filing.

However, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t last forever. As long as you can prove that you can be a safe driver, you eventually won’t need it.

Appreciated learning about this insurance subject? If so, you should keep exploring our website to find dozens of similar ones you’ll enjoy.

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