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What is the Chaldean Numerology System

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People in this world are following different religions, cultures, traditions. But one thing that common in them is most of them having a curiosity to know about their future. They take help of different mythological systems which are used by planetary positions on the birthday, Numbers of the birth date, Zodiacs, Numerology system. All these systems may have different views. All these systems may able to give a prediction of our future destiny, our personality. Through these various systems, some people try to find a field of work they can get more success. Here we are going to discuss from one of that system which is the Chaldean Numerology system. For detailed information we suggest you visit

History of Chaldean Numerology: It is said that this system is developed in the South Portion of Babylonia by the society of Chaldeans a long time ago. They have done a long study on supernatural powers which may affect our day to day life. The Chaldeans people have used mathematics, astrology, numerology in a scientific view to create this system. This system is ancient and called very accurate about the predictions of our future.

How this Numerology System works: The Chaldean Numerology System works on the Alphabets of our name and the birth date. The system has defined different numbers for each alphabet of our name. We have to get a number of our name following its chart. A number of each alphabet is also the same as a Pythagorean system. In this system, they have provided particular predictions for each number from 1 to 52. The total numbers we get from our name’s alphabet are used to get information from those numbers. The system has divided numbers 1 to 9 as single numbers and from 10 to 52 as compound numbers. The single numbers are used to indicate our outward physical appearance to others and the compound numbers are used to represent the spiritual and hidden influences or forces that may affect by a person’s name.

The next step to predict our future is from our birthdates. A number of the date excluding month from our birth date is taken in a note and from that number we can get predictions from this system. This system can predict our health, personality and other elements of life through using a birth date. Birthdates can be more accurate than the names as a person may have changed his/her name as per requirement or by desire.

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