What companies need a call center?

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Businesses try to implement different communication channels to connect with their customers. However, people are impatient, and when a real issue strikes, they are more likely to pick up the phone and make a call than send an email and wait for an answer. In today’s business environment, almost every B2B and B2C company can benefit from having a call center, and the size of the business does not matter at all.

Usually, small businesses are less likely to use call center services, but in some cases, smaller companies are the ones that need it the most. Such firms employ fewer people and they are always busy keeping their business up and running. The same people are often burdened with handling customers’ requests, which often causes long delays in processing of incoming applications or leads to a large number of lost calls. After all, an overwhelmed employee may simply forget about an important call. A call center can become a great solution for small businesses because it will reduce the workload of their key employees, ensure high-quality services to its customers, and make the enterprise more efficient in general.

The range of companies that can benefit from a call center is so wide that it is virtually impossible to name all of them, but there are some common characteristics that such enterprises possess. Namely, they should:

– have a fairly large customer base,

– sell a high volume of products that generate customer queries (e.g. the companies that use advertising in mass media), or

– provide a service that requires regular customer contact.

Therefore, the range of businesses that may benefit from a call center facility is very wide. Below is the list of some companies for which contact centers could be particularly useful.

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) Sector

The examples of organizations in this category are banks, insurance, investment, or credit cards companies, tax services, financial trading, etc. Each of them needs call center services for their specific purposes. The companies like stock brokerages mostly use call centers for outbound cold calls. Banks and insurance companies usually integrate contact centers for both inbound (e.g. handling customers’ queries) and outbound calls (e.g. selling their products or services, collecting feedback providing information).

E-Commerce and Logistics

E-commerce firms work directly with their clients, so they need contact centers to make sure that their customers get all the necessary support. For example, the clients may need payment assistance or seek help in some general request, e.g. returns, refunds, complaints, questions about product specifications, feedbacks, etc. Logistics companies need to have call centers for similar reasons. Oftentimes the customers need to know when their order will be delivered, or when to expect the delivery if it is late, etc. Also, the retailers sometimes need to coordinate actions with the courier company. All of the issues mentioned above can be handled by a virtual call center.

Travel, Transportation, and Tourism

Traveling rarely happens without preparation. Hence, call centers are necessary for airlines, train and bus companies. Call centers are applied for giving information, making reservations, and providing other customer services. Car rental agencies can use call centers to connect with their customers and assist them with billing inquiries and road service problems. Finally, the places of temporary residence such as hotels, motels, tourist resorts need call centers for dealing with reservations and other requests of their guests.

Government Agencies

Government local, state and federal agencies provide some extremely important services. Therefore, if people require specific information from such companies, they must be able to get their queries answered as soon as possible. Some of the typical call center applications are getting social security benefits, passport processing, dealing with driver’s license issues, applications for unemployment insurance, claims processing, provision of information, filing for jury duty, etc.


Due to rising healthcare costs, medical facilities are forced to integrate call centers into their daily operations. This technology simplifies many internal processes and thus helps medical professionals be more efficient in such aspects as billing. Also, call centers in healthcare institutions are used for a variety of other purposes, such as scheduling appointments, giving medical advice, providing financial and medical information, laboratory tests results, etc.

All in all, any company that deals with customers or provides services for other businesses can benefit from having a call center. The opportunities are endless since you don’t even need to have a separate office space to hire agents. For example, Voiptime cloud-based outbound and inbound call center software is the solution that can make your business more effective instantly.

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