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What Are the Different Types of Cars That Exist Today?

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There was a point in history when there was only one car on the market available to buy. Today with so many different vehicles on offer, this is difficult to imagine.

If you’re about to buy your first car, then you’re in luck. At no point to date have there been more choices for consumers looking to buy an automobile than there are now. Some may even argue the amount of choice is overwhelming.

To make things simpler for you we’ll break down the different types of cars you might encounter today. Grab your car buying checklist and get ready to take notes.

1. Sedan

A sedan is a type of passenger car that has separate compartments for the engine, passengers, and cargo. It will have four doors and a traditional trunk. An estimated 1 in 5 cars on the road today are sedans.

A sedan is great for a single person or small family who isn’t looking for anything flashy. It’s a popular and reliable type of car.

2. Sports Car

In comparison to sedans, sports cars are probably a little less practical. They’re not without their charms, however. Sports cars are characterized by being fast, nimble, and flashy to the eye.

One thing to note about sports cars is they may be more expensive to insure. You need to make sure you’re always meeting the state you’re in’s coverage requirements, so this is important. See here for more info.

3. SUV

If sports cars are small, then SUVs are way on the other end of the spectrum. SUVs are big, bold, and built to go the distance. The official description of an SUV is a car that has elements of road-going passenger cars but also features of off-road vehicles.

4. Hatchback

In terms of size, a hatchback is a little bigger than a sedan but smaller than an SUV. Its defining feature is a door at the back that opens upwards, opening up the trunk and the rest of the car. Hatchbacks are popular with families because of their versatility and trunk space.

5. Station Wagon

Station wagons are similar in size and shape to hatchbacks. The difference is that station wagons are a little bigger and longer than hatchbacks but still smaller than an SUV. Station wagons offer more room than other models of cars and also often have a small extra window toward the rear.

The Most Common Types of Cars

The above list includes only the most common classifications of cars on the market today. It isn’t exhaustive. Jeeps, vans, and trucks aren’t included on this list are there are, of course other types of cars as well.

Buying a car is a big investment that deserves your time and attention. If you’d like to learn more about the different types of cars and which ones might be best for you, we’ve got plenty of articles on this subject. Check them out now.

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