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What Are the Best Ways to Prevent a Home Burglary?

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Do you fully trust your home security? Many homeowners often overlook it, but there’s no telling what could happen.

You could spend your day in two ways: like your typical afternoon or experiencing a home burglary. Anyone would prefer improving home safety before it gets that far. But you might be thinking, how should you prevent it?

We’ve put together a few ways you can protect yourself and your home from a burglary. Here’s how to get started.

Use Sturdy Doors and Windows

The first thing you should consider when it comes to home safety is the place anyone can break in from, doors and windows.

Be sure they are sturdy enough that opening them doesn’t take a light push. Many recommend using steel or hardwood doors and windows if you also want something durable.

Relocate Mirrors

When you decorate your home, it’s vital to consider where you hang up mirrors. As much as possible, keep them away from entry points.

If you want to be sure they don’t invade privacy, check from the outside to see if they reveal alarm systems or locks. If they do, relocate them to a different area of the house.

Install Extra Security Systems

You might want to invest in a security system for your whole home. Some people might question if it works, but several statistics show it’s effective in preventing burglaries.

You can find many security products for sale, including security cameras, alarm systems, motion-activated lights, and more. Moreover, there’s no limit to how much you can add to your home.

As long as it fits your budget, there’s no harm in installing extra layers of protection.

Add Extra Locks

Most doors and windows already have locks, but you can add more for extra security. More locks make it harder for burglars, or anyone, to access your home.

It’s also good to remember to secure those locks when you head out. Otherwise, it defeats their purpose.

If your home had a previous owner, switch out the locks on doors, windows, and other places with new ones. This way, you can rest easy knowing only you have the key.

Always Keep Valuables Secure

Avoid placing valuable items out in the open all the time or in easy-to-carry cases. It’s also best to be sure they aren’t in spaces people can easily find.

Consider investing in a portable or wall safe. Although these are usually pricey, it’s an excellent way to safeguard your valuables, such as documents. You can also rent a lock box or safety deposit box from a trusted provider, like your bank.

Trim Your Shrubs

Most neighborhoods are full of shrubs and trees for decorative reasons. But while they look nice, they pose a risk if they cover your windows or doors.

If you have any near your home’s entry points, always trim them down. It eliminates possible hiding spaces and makes these entries more visible. The more people can see your doors and windows; the easier it is for a home invasion to happen.

It’s even better if your area has mobile patrol services. You can learn more about how they work at WYE Security Mobile Patrols.

Store Ladders Indoors

If you own a ladder, you might want to keep it out of sight. When you leave them out in the open, it could make it easier for intruders to have access to your house.

You can lock it up in a secure storage shed or keep it in your garage or basement. The point is to ensure that they are out of sight!

Conceal Your Trash

Anyone can pass by your house and find your trash full of empty boxes of new toys, gadgets, and whatnot. Even when you think no one would look at your trash, those could attract burglars to your home.

So, conceal your trash by placing them in recycling bins or trash bags. If you don’t use the boxes, you can break them down before throwing them out.

Be Wary of Posting Online

Technology and social media are a part of our daily lives. But because we’re so used to it, you might forget it could risk your safety.

Be careful of what you post online when you’re alone or away from home. If people know your home is unprotected, it could result in a home burglary.

Note that there’s no harm in letting people know you’re on vacation. Still, you should avoid exposing any information that could put your home in danger.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outside

Lots of people tend to leave spare keys outside for easy access. The downside is that it could allow other people to break into your home.

As much as possible, don’t keep your spare keys in a place anyone could find or in usual spots. Some even suggest not leaving it outside at all.

Consider taking your key with you. You can also have a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor hold onto it until you return.

Stay Vigilant

All these preventive measures will fail to prevent a home burglary if you forget to watch out for yourself. Avoid letting people into your home unless it’s someone you trust and know very well. At the same time, you shouldn’t leave your personal information for everyone to see and find.

Being vigilant and careful at all times is the key to staying safe. So, if you fail to fulfill that, it could risk your safety even with all the layers of protection.

Practice Preventive Measures Against Home Burglary

Security is crucial to protect yourself from dangers like home burglary. Experts recommend practicing different measures to ensure your property can effectively ward off thieves.

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