Ways to Beat the Travel Bug

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If there is one thing that is missing from the list of most addictive substances in the world, it has to be travelling. When travellers are not travelling, they experience withdrawals of a very different kind and it certainly isn’t easy putting up with them.

If you’re experiencing an itching sensation in your feet, it could be a sign that you are craving to get back on the road again. Has it been a while since you had your last adventure? Are you desperate to embark on your next journey?

If you have nodded silently to both the questions that we asked above, you have surely been bit by the travel bug. But there are ways you can combat the desire and beat it:

Get Outside

The purpose behind giving you the following advice is to make you overcome the after effects of being bit by the travel bug, even if it makes us sound like your parents. You must get a dose of fresh air. Getting off the couch and getting outside can be the best way to put you in a better mood.

There may not be big mountains rising against the sky or the sight of water becoming one with the horizon outside but there is always something good waiting for you outdoors and you’re unlikely to discover it until you put on your shoes and step out.

Taking a Different Route

Travelling can spoil you when it comes to the landscapes that appeal to you and anything that doesn’t make you go ’wow’ may not be interesting enough for you. However, when you are abstaining from travelling you could be craving just to see new things. But you needn’t always travel to faraway places to see them as there are plenty of those close to home.

Next time you find yourself out shopping or returning from a friend’s house, be spontaneous, take a wrong turn and see where it takes you. You may find yourself on an overgrown woodland path which ends at a historic building or  a beautiful garden that you never knew existed.

Do Exciting Things at Home

The exciting things that you did outside the house can make it very difficult for you to stay indoors. Nothing that you do at home will even come close to that kayaking experience you had or the feeling you had in your chest when you took the fall as you bungee jumped off the platform.

Adrenaline doesn’t come at specific places and you don’t need to travel to faraway places to feel its rush. You can look up local thrills that will fill the missing void such as a hot air balloon or helicopter flight over your home city or any other adventure sport in the closest national park.

Ditch the Usual Spots

Do you always meet your friends in the same bar? Do you have a fixed restaurant for celebrating special occasions where you go for every birthday and anniversary? If yes, you should give up on these safe bets and explore other options.

Doing the same thing over and over again at home is a trap that you shouldn’t fall into. To know about new places you can ask your friends about the new places they have been to lately. You can also flip the pages of a guidebook to see which new cafés and eateries you can try.

If all else fails.. Book a Trip

If you have tried every trick in the book but haven’t been able to resist the temptation of walking out of the house with the suitcase in your hand then you should go ahead and book a trip.

It doesn’t mean that you should leave the job and go away for a year. You can go away for just a weekend to close by destinations. If you do not want to specifically travel you can find a reason to visit a family member whom you haven’t met in a while or if a friend is about to get married, pick one of the exotic stag do venues and in this way pack travel and celebration into one trip.

Travelling is a very healthy habit but doing it at the expense of any other thing in life may not be a wise thing to do.

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