Types of Jerky: What You Need to Try

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Are you looking for a new snack to try out? If you’re a fan of meat, you probably already know about jerky.

It’s a popular snack because of the flavors and boosts it offers. Usually, grocery stores have regular beef jerky, but it comes in many more types.

If you haven’t tried them out, here’s your guide on the different types of jerky. You might find a few uncommon kinds of meat, so buckle up as we go through them!

Beef Jerky

Let’s start with the classic beef jerky. You find it in several flavors because it’s the most popular type of jerky.

When you find it at the store, it goes from plain to seasoned with different sauces, like teriyaki or habanero. It’s also easy to make since beef is a food staple for many.

You can even consider a beef jerky bulk buy to make sure you can stock up on these treats!

Chicken Jerky

Next to beef, the second most popular choice of meat is chicken. Compared to beef jerky, chicken jerky is not as common, but it’s healthier.

Poultry has higher protein content than beef, which usually carries more fat. And so, they’re ideal if you want jerky types that are rich in protein for fewer calories.

Turkey Jerky

Among all poultry options, turkey jerky has the least fat and calories. That makes it an excellent snack if you’re on a restricted diet.

It’s well-known among people who want to eat less red meat or work out.

Duck Jerky

Duck meat has the highest fat content because the skin is thicker. But when it dries, it gives a high amount of protein.

The meat is also slightly sweet on its own. So despite the amount of fat, many people still prefer duck jerky for its flavor and protein content.

Venison Jerky

Venison is one of the types of homemade jerky. That’s because hunting for wild games, such as deer, is common practice.

You can marinate the meat in jerky flavors with spice, sweetness, or savory styles. It also has lower fat concentrations, so it might feel extra meaty!

Elk Jerky

If you want jerky with mild game flavor, elk is ideal for you. Many even compare it to beef jerky because of the similarities in taste.

Another plus is that the meat has naturally low fat and cholesterol content, making it good for the heart.

Ostrich Jerky

Besides elk, ostrich jerky also offers similar flavors to regular beef jerky. But for some people, the thought of eating ostrich meat is almost exotic.

If you have trouble finding ostrich meat, you can buy this jerky from manufacturers. Although it’s uncommon, it’s a fun treat to try if you want to try something other than the usual meat.

Salmon Jerky

It’s rare to find a jerky guide that includes fish options in their list, but if you haven’t heard, they do exist! You probably eat salmon grilled or baked, so why not try it as jerky?

Salmon jerky can offer a variety of tastes because of its natural flavor. It works well as both a sweet and savory snack. It’s also easy to prepare, so give it a shot when you have salmon available at home.

Tuna Jerky

While salmon jerky still makes sense, you might not think of turning tuna into jerky. Even if it sounds unique, it actually works just as well as typical meat.

Of course, you can expect it will still taste like fish, but you can season it to get rid of the fishiness. For some people, it’s a great superfood because it offers about twice the amount of protein in beef jerky.

Alligator Jerky

Alligator jerky is something you may or may not have heard of already. They offer some of the leanest meat available, packed with lots of other nutrients.

Its fat content is much lower than chicken or fish, but note that it has a unique texture. Although the flavor is mild, you might have trouble getting used to the firm meat.

Buffalo Jerky

While some classify buffalo jerky as exotic, it doesn’t taste too gamey and is one of the closest flavors to beef. Some say the only difference is the texture.

Buffalo jerky is coarser than beef and feels thicker and chewier than other types of meat. But even when it’s like beef, it’s healthier since it has lower fat and cholesterol content.

Snake Jerky

There’s no easy way to introduce snake jerky to anyone. Among the rest, it’s definitely one of the most unique types of jerky out there.

Most don’t recommend preparing it yourself if you’ve never handled a snake before. But there are a couple of places that sell it.

Instead of being on the hunt for new jerky flavors, snake jerky is also a treat for those who want to munch on something exotic in general.

Mushroom Jerky

What is a jerky guide without a plant-based option? If you didn’t know, manufacturers started producing and popularizing vegan jerky. One of the core ingredients for these types of jerky is mushroom.

Although you expect it to be healthier because it doesn’t have meat properties, some are high in sugar and low in protein. So if you’re cutting down on sugar, be sure to check the label first.

Soy Jerky

Soy jerky is another common type of vegan jerky. The core difference is that they often come in large strips, almost looking like a chicken.

But unlike other plant-based options, soy jerky feels a lot like meat. You might still have to check the label for additives. Nonetheless, it’s still a good option if you’re concerned about health.

Try Out Different Types of Jerky Today

There are lots of types of jerky beyond the classic beef flavor. They come from different types of meat, ranging from poultry and wild game to exotic and plant options.

That makes them the perfect snack if you want to try something new!

If you want to learn more, check out the rest of our blog.

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