Top Quality Oil Filters for BMW Models

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Protect your BMW engine with our high-quality oil filters.Combustion produces soot, which can accumulate on moving engine parts, interfering with performance. A BMW 328i oil filter or similar part catches these particles, keeping the oil cleaner longer. However, filters eventually get too dirty to be effective and need replacement. To get the best out of your vehicle, you need an oil filter that goes above and beyond.

Options for a BMW 328i

While various oil filter brands and models achieve the same goal, they don’t fit every car. Because vehicles have different engines and, therefore, different spots to hold a filter, you must verify that an option works for your particular BMW. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the following:

  • Filter falling out of place
  • Dirty oil leaking into engine
  • Frequent oil changes due to filter filling up too fast

Fortunately, you can check a part’s compatibility online or ask a friendly auto parts store employee. Are you unsure where to start? Check out the Mobil 1 Oil Filter M1C-252A and STP Extended Life Oil Filter S8081XL for your BMW 328i.

Mobil 1 Oil Filter M1C-252A

The Mobil 1 Oil Filter M1C-252A is a powerhouse designed to withstand system operating pressure nine times above average. It also collects and holds dirt incredibly well due to its synthetic fibers. If it fails to perform due to manufacturing defects, you can get a replacement under the warranty as long as you reach out within 30 days. In most cases, this filter can perform for 20,000 miles or a year, making it invaluable to owners looking to lower maintenance costs.

STP Extended Life Oil Filter S8081XL

Built for extremes, the STP Extended Life Oil Filter S8081XL can endure 400-degree and -40-degree temperatures. Additionally, it can catch 20-micron particles using a unique synthetic fiber blend for 99% filtering efficiency. For the best results, pair it with synthetic oil and enjoy 10,000 miles of use.

Choices for a BMW 335i

BMWs in the 3-series are powerful; a well-tended 335i can easily reach 250,000 miles. According to experts, this make and model needs a filter change every 6,000 to 12,000 miles to stay in top shape. If you need a BMW 335i oil filter, there are plenty to choose from.

For example, the Fram Oil Filter CH10075 won’t leak under extreme temperatures and pressures due to the reliable O-rings and gaskets. It captures debris with 95% efficiency and works with conventional or synthetic oil. The resin and fiber blend can hold up for 10,000 miles before needing replacement.

The STP Oil Filter S10075 is another excellent option. It provides 5,000 miles of filtering and utilizes cellulose fibers. While on the cheaper side, it perfectly fits the 335i model and rivals OEM alternatives.

Are you considering buying a used BMW? If so, you should use a VIN number lookup. Doing so provides the car’s history, letting you see its involvement in accidents, any damage it sustained and how often previous owners did maintenance. That information lets you know how soon you’ll need a new oil filter and other parts.

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