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Top 5 Signs That Its Time to See a Nerve Pain Doctor

Americans are in deep pain. One in five people experiences chronic pain. 30-40% of people with chronic pain have neuropathic pain, also known as nerve pain.

A nerve pain doctor can save your nerves and help you avoid chronic pain. However, it can be hard to know when exactly you should see a doctor. You can find the right time by studying the signs of nerve disorders.

What can nerve pain feel like? Do nerve problems cause other issues? What can nerve doctors do for you?

Answer these questions and you can take control of your painful nerves. Here are five signs you should visit a nerve pain doctor.

1. Burning

Burning pain is a common early sign of a nerve problem. Even if you are not touching anything, your hand or foot may feel like it is on fire. If you compress your nerves, your neuropathic pain may get worse.

You should go to a nerve pain doctor immediately. If they can detect your disorder early on, you may avoid complications.

2. Tingling

Tingling is another common sign of early nerve pain. You may feel like your hands are being pricked with pins or stung by small insects. This can indicate you have pinched a nerve in your arms or spinal cord.

Treatment for tingling may be straightforward. You may need to sit up straight so you’re not compressing your nerves or straining your arms.

3. Pain in Particular Locations

You may have pain in your right leg, but not in your left leg. This can indicate a problem with your sciatic nerve, which can deteriorate and lead to mobility issues.

You may also experience headaches, which may feel like you are getting shocked with electricity. This may come from a pinched nerve in your neck, and you will need to go to a doctor for nerve pain to get a nerve block.

4. Muscle Weakness

You may not have significant pain, but you may have difficulty holding objects or moving around. Many people assume they have an issue with their muscles when this occurs.

But nerves carry signals from your brain to your muscles, so your nerves may be damaged. If you have nerve pain symptoms and muscle weakness, you should go to a nerve pain doctor first.

5. Injuries

An injury can cause damage to your nerve. But a fall or an accident can also be a sign that you have nerve damage.

Your nerves help you detect obstacles and maintain your center of balance. If you fall over out of nowhere, you may have nerve damage or deterioration. You need to go to a nerve doctor and have an evaluation of your nerves, including your spinal cord.

When You Should Visit a Nerve Pain Doctor

A nerve pain doctor can help you with many significant nerve problems. Burning and tingling are the first signs that your nerves are deteriorating. A doctor may be able to cure your problems, especially if you have pinched nerves.

Pain in a particular area indicates you have a pinched nerve and need a nerve block. Muscle weakness, immobility, and falls suggest you have more complicated conditions. Doctors can help you with disorders like ALS and Parkinson’s disease.

Study these disorders so you can get the treatment you need. Read more nerve disorder guides by following our coverage.

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