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Top 10 Reasons You Need To Buy an Electric Knife

Did you know that the electric knife was first patented in 1964?

Thanks to Jerome L. Murray, we’ve been able to enjoy electric knives and dozens of other great inventions like windmills and peristaltic pumps that revolutionized heart surgery. While few people know the brilliant person behind the electric knife, there’s no doubt that this fascinating kitchen appliance has been making a comeback in recent years.

If you don’t own an electric knife yet, then you might be wondering if it’s really worth your money. Keep reading to learn 10 different ways you can benefit from having this tool.

1. You’ll Save Time

People who start using the best electric knives are often surprised by how fast they can cut their meat. Whether you want to slice thin strips of skirt steak for fajitas or carve a giant turkey on Thanksgiving, a job that could normally take a long time can get done in a minute.

Since cooking can be quite the chore, it’s always nice when you can find clever ways to save time in the kitchen. With this extra time, you can focus on plating your side dishes, setting the table, and sitting down to your satisfying meal sooner.

2. You’ll Get Cleaner Cuts

We all eat with our eyes first, so it’s important to make a good impression by putting some love into your plating techniques. Nobody wants to receive meat that looks like it’s been clawed apart by a bear. With an electric knife, you’ll be able to glide through even the toughest cuts of meat like you’re running a hot knife through butter.

To keep your tool in top condition, you can even use an electric knife sharpener so your blade never wears down. This will allow you to enjoy your electric knife for many years to come.

3. Electric Knives Are Safer

Some people are intimidated by a buzzing knife, but the truth is that electric knives can be much safer than traditional ones as long as you’re mindful of how you use it. Instead of sawing through meat, an electric knife can help you make smooth cuts in no time.

Since this tool often comes with a long handle, this means that you can navigate large dishes like roasts without getting your hands greasy. This will prevent the knife from slipping and causing an accident.

4. The Best Electric Knife Makes Cutting Easy

Nutritionists emphasize how important protein is for building strong muscles. We get this protein by digesting food, but sometimes it feels like the act of cutting the meat is what’s causing your muscles to grow.

If you’re tired of putting so much force into cutting up your food before you can enjoy it, then an electric knife will make life so much easier. Thanks to the vibrations, you barely have to apply any pressure to get the knife to cut through your meats.

5. You’ll Serve Meat at the Perfect Temperature

Every expert chef knows that it’s best to remove their meat from the heat source while it’s still a few degrees under the ideal temperature due to carryover heat.

Giving your meat at least five minutes to rest can bring it up to the perfect level of doneness while preserving all the tasty juices. Once you whip out your handy electric knife, you’ll be able to slice up your meat fast so that it’s never overcooked or cold.

6. They’re Perfect for Serving a Crowd

Do you love hosting dinner parties or holiday feasts? If so, you owe it to yourself to invest in an electric knife.

Hosting is no simple task, so why make your job harder by spending extra time in the kitchen cooking? With the help of an electric knife, you can serve a hungry crowd without breaking a sweat so you can focus on the festivities instead.

7. An Electric Knife Has an Ergonomic Handle

No matter what type of knife you’re shopping for, the design of the handle is a feature that has to be prioritized. Not only will this help keep you comfortable while you cut, but it can also maximize your safety.

The good news is that many electric knives on the market are designed with an ergonomic handle to make every experience stellar.

8. They Don’t Require Lots of Storage Space

One of the main complaints people have about all these different cooking gadgets is that they don’t have enough storage space for everything. Since electric knives are compact, you can tuck yours into any drawer with ease and have plenty of room to spare.

You even have the option of getting a cordless electric knife if you don’t want to fuss with tangled wires.

9. You Can Cut More Than Meat

While most people use their electric knife to cut meat, this isn’t its only function.

Bread is another type of food that people can struggle to cut in an appetizing way since it can get smushed and crumbly. Just make sure you follow food safety rules while using your knife to avoid any cross-contamination when cutting meat and other ingredients.

10. Electric Knives Make Cooking More Fun

Since nine out of 10 Americans say they don’t like cooking, they’re sabotaging their finances and their health by ordering tons of takeout.

Having fun may seem like a silly reason to get an electric knife, but buying one is worth it if it can bring more joy into your kitchen and inspire you to cook. When you can prepare foods faster and have a blast doing it, why should you waste money on takeout?

Are You Ready to Browse Electric Knives for Sale?

As you can see, there are tons of cool perks that come with owning an electric knife. It may seem like a simple addition to your kitchen, but you’ll wish you’d bought it sooner once you start enjoying these unique benefits.

Are you on the hunt for more tips that can help you level up your cooking abilities? If so, our site is full of great lifestyle guides that can help you stay healthy and happy. Click around our blog to keep up with the latest wellness advice.

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