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The Top Places to Visit in Spain: A 2023 Guide

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Spain enjoys around 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, making it a hugely popular European vacation destination. With gorgeous scenery and plenty to do, there’s something for everyone in this stunning country.

But what are the top places to visit in Spain? With so many beautiful locations, it can be challenging to narrow down your choices. While there are many excellent Spanish regions, this short guide is going to look at 5 of the best destinations.

Let’s dive in and find out more.


Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city set on the Mediterranean coast and enjoys a warm and sunny climate. There are cathedrals, museums, and beaches. If you like sports, you can also watch the famous Barcelona football team playing in the Camp Nou stadium.

Or, you could relax while drinking a coffee on the pedestrian-only street, La Rambla, which attracts many locals and tourists alike. If you’re ready to travel to Spain, put visiting Barcelona at the top of your list.

San Sebastian

Located in the Basque region of Spain, this coastal town is a great choice if you enjoy surfing. You can also hike, take an electric bike tour, or go wine tasting. This is a superb place to visit if you’re looking to unwind and enjoy a more sedate vacation.


The Spanish capital is a brilliant place to spend some time on your vacation. If you like to have shopping, cultural, and entertainment activities all in one place, then visit Madrid’s Gran Via during your trip to Spain. You can also chill out in Retiro Park, grab a drink in one of the many bars, and visit the multiple museums in this lively city.

It’s no wonder Madrid can be an attractive destination for people moving to Spain, and if this appeals to you, here’s where to find more information.


Seville is the home of flamenco dancing, and the city also contains Roman ruins if you enjoy taking in some history while you’re on vacation. There is beautiful architecture, the famous Plaza de España, and the Alcázar Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tapas culture is also important in Seville, and you can get a delicious meal in one of the hundreds of local tapas bars.


The island of Ibiza may be one of the most well-known places in Spain for partying, but it’s possible to stay in accommodations in more reserved areas of the island for a peaceful vacation. There are also plenty of watersports available.

Choose Your Favorite Places to Visit in Spain

You’re spoilt for choice when looking for places to visit in Spain. You can enjoy the sights and sounds in larger cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, or appreciate a quieter time in San Sebastian or Seville. Ibiza also offers a mix of relaxing and energetic activities.

Wherever you choose to visit, you’re sure to have a fantastic Spanish vacation.

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