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The Latest Solar Technology for Businesses

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Many businesses have made the switch to powering their organizations with solar energy. Around 11,268 companies have had solar panels installed on their structures. That number has increased by 1.5% from the previous year.

While solar technology has been around for decades, the industry continues to evolve. Solar panel technology has to change as the demand for renewable and clean energy continues to grow. Businesses can take part in this growth, decreasing their carbon footprint and reducing their energy costs.

This guide will discuss the latest solar technologies for businesses in the United States. Take advantage of the tax write-offs and other benefits solar systems have to offer by investing in solar panels for your company.

More Rooftop Solar Panel Systems

There’ll be an increase in rooftop solar panel systems for commercial structures. A rooftop system is a great option for businesses.

Many companies don’t have available space on the ground for their solar panels. You can take advantage of unused space on your building’s roof, using that square footage to reduce your carbon footprint. Other advantages you can experience from putting solar panels on your roof include:

  • Protecting your roof from mother nature
  • Absorb direct sunlight that naturally falls on your roof
  • Decrease your building’s temperature

Experience BIPV Solar Technology

BIPV stands for building-integrated photovoltaics. This type of solar technology seamlessly blends into your building’s architecture. Solar panels take the form of:

  • Curtain walls
  • Facades
  • Skylights
  • Canopies
  • Roofs

One of the great things about BIPVs is that they’re more aesthetically pleasing than traditional solar panels. You don’t have to compromise the appearance of your building by having a solar panel system installed.

Aesthetics aren’t the only benefit of BIPVs. You can save money by having BIPVs installed instead of an entire solar panel mounting system. You can enjoy the following advantages by having BIPV solar technology used in your commercial building:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Decreased operations and management costs
  • High sound and thermal insulation

Photovoltaic glasses also function as architectural glasses. Allow natural light into your commercial building while decreasing your business expenses related to energy costs.

Explore Solar Skins

Have you heard of solar skins? This new technology enables businesses to integrate custom designs into their solar panel systems. They’re similar to ad wraps that get displayed on bus windows.

Solar skin is a thin sheet of material that light can still filter through, hitting solar panels. This material can support many colors, patterns, and texts. Keep in mind that more complex or darker designs might make it challenging for UV rays to penetrate through.

You can use solar skin in some of the following ways for your company:

  • Disguise the appearance of your solar panels
  • Advertise your business with a custom graphic
  • Showcase your city, state, or country’s flag
  • Add design elements to your building

Solar skin also disguises the metal components of your system.

Block Noise With a Sound Barrier

Noise barriers typically get installed along highways to reduce the amount of noise in nearby communities. These types of structures are made from durable materials, like plastic or metal. They can support the weight of a solar panel system.

Cities around the country are looking into ways to transform these much-needed sound barriers into sources of renewable energy. If your business is located near a noise barrier and could benefit from solar panels being installed on them, contact your local city council. Work with them to see if they have plans for installing solar panels on the noise barrier and how you can help.

Power Small Devices With Solar Fabric

You and your employees can generate energy on the move with solar fabric. Solar fabric is a type of material that generates electricity from UV rays.

Photovoltaic cells get integrated into the fabric fibers. These fibers can then be knitted or woven into various shapes and forms.

Solar fabric is different than panels because it’s lightweight and flexible. Solar panels are more rigid since they’re made from glass, metal, and other materials.

Some of the ways solar fabric can get incorporated include:

  • Small portable chargers
  • Wearable items like bags or clothing
  • Tents and shade structures
  • Curtains for your office

Solar panel items present you with other opportunities to generate electricity, especially if you have workers that are constantly out in the sun. They can become their energy source by wearing items made from solar fabric. Solar fabric can also charge your Enphase solar battery.

You can also use solar fabric as a branding opportunity. Giveaway items that are made from the material at an upcoming event. You’ll increase awareness around your organization by using an innovative product.

Get Energized With Floating Solar Farms

A floating solar farm might be something that you haven’t heard of before. Floating photovoltaics (FPV) get mounted on a structure. This structure floats on water, such as a:

  • Lake
  • Drinking water reservoir
  • Irrigation canal
  • Fisheries
  • Hydro-accumulations

The solar panel system stays cool because of the water underneath it. By staying cool, the solar panels can produce more energy.

Additionally, the water underneath the panels will stay cooler than in other areas. This provides a benefit to the livestock living in the water.

There’s also less water evaporation in areas that have a floating solar farm. The extra water can be saved.

The water will keep the solar panels clean by washing off accumulated dirt and grime. The absence of nearby buildings and trees makes the solar panels more efficient.

Some of the other benefits of a floating solar panel farm include:

  • Made from inexpensive and cheap materials
  • Highly adjustable

Learn About the Latest Solar Technology

The popularity and need for solar technology don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Solar panels can provide your business with numerous benefits. From decreasing your business expenses to becoming more sustainable, you can’t go wrong with a solar panel system.

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