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The Brief Guide That Makes Improving Your Vaginal Health Simple

If you’re someone with a vagina, it’s important that you take care of your health, even “down there.” Many people are too ashamed or shy to talk about vaginal health, but why? It’s just another part of your body!

Most of the time, your vagina is going to maintain itself. That said, there are a few things that you can do to keep your vagina in optimal health.

Keep reading to learn all about what you should do to keep your vagina and vulva healthy.

Clean It The Right Way

Too many people think that their vulvas and vaginas need to be squeaky clean and flawless all the time. If you’re cleaning yourself the wrong way, you’re actually going to do more harm than good.

It’s normal for vaginas to have a scent and even to have normal discharge. Keep in mind that there’s also abnormal discharge, though (we’ll discuss abnormalities later on).

When you’re in the shower, avoid using scented products. As we mentioned before, the vagina is self-maintaining. You don’t need to introduce anything (like soaps, douches, or scented wipes), and doing so might impact the natural bacteria that your body needs.

Use soap and a soft cloth to clean around your vulva. That’s enough.

Do Your Kegels

Kegels are exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Not everyone needs to do Kegels, but they also won’t hurt you. They can help prevent (or heal) incontinence and help with pregnancy or postpartum physical symptoms.

You can do Kegels anytime, and no one is going to know. Do them while you’re watching TV, at your computer, or even at your desk at work. Try to make Kegels a daily habit.

Note Any Changes

Most of the time, your vagina is going to be “business as usual.” Once you understand how everything is supposed to function, it’s easy to detect any abnormalities.

You’ll learn how to recognize things like unusual discharge. Most of the time, discharge is clear and almost scentless. It will change throughout your menstrual cycle, but it should never have a strong odor, a strange color, or be too excessive.

You also shouldn’t feel any pain, excessive heat, or a numb vagina. If you notice these changes, note them down and either make an appointment with your doctor or save them for your next appointment if they aren’t consistent.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Speaking of your doctor, you should have regular appointments with your gynecologist.

No one wants to go to the gynecologist. It’s an uncomfortable (sometimes painful) experience, but it’s also a necessary one. They can detect STDs, signs of cancer, and more.

Regular doctor visits will give you peace of mind and keep you in optimal health.

Maintain Good Vaginal Health

Make sure that your vaginal health is in tip-top condition by using these tips.

Remember, you don’t need fancy cleaning products. You just need to track any changes, do Kegel exercises, and have regular appointments with your gynecologist. This will keep you safe and healthy.

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