Secure Trading Announces New Ownership, Acquired by Cordet Capital

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In a recent press release, it was announced that Secure Trading Limited (STL) was acquired by CORDET Capital Partners LLP, rebranding itself as Tru//ST brand. This acquisition is yet another in a series of newsworthy partnerships and acquisitions of big companies within the payment processing industry.

CORDET is an independent UK FCA-regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager. Founded in 2013, the aim of the company has been to provide private debt, direct lending and alternative funding solutions to small companies in Northern Europe. The company also addresses the needs of many institutional investors. In 2017, CORDET successfully raised 400 million euros in its first direct lending fund.

Payments group Secure Trading Limited (STL), Secure Trading Financial Services Ltd (STFS) (t/a and Secure Trading Inc (STI) (the “Group”) is a leading provider of omnichannel payment processing. The company offers business solutions in Europe and North America. The group’s approach to global, online and omnichannel payments has and is continuing to transform the way customers and partners interact.

The Group will operate under the new ownershipand with brand name Tru//ST Payments Limited. It will operate in Europe under the Secure Trading and brands, and Secure Trading Inc. in the U.S. Under the Tru//ST brand, the Group will provide full suite payments offerings.

On behalf of the Investors, CORDET commented, “We are excited about supporting the Group into a structure that secures the business and offers it a great future. Our investment thesis for the Group is based on strong management, flexible technology solutions and rapid service delivery.”

“Further, such thesis is underpinned by the attractive dynamics of the developing payments market, its high growth and fin-tech sector focus which benefits from several disruptive mega trends. With growth capital added and strong management, we believe that the Group is poised for success.”

Daniel Holden, CEO of the Group, added, “The core businesses in the Group are ripe for growth capital, realizing value for our investors in a market which increasingly values speed of development, agile and flexible technology, great service and deep payment knowledge. The revitalized Tru//ST brand brings those assets together. Our current and future customers can look forward to a significant uplift in capabilities and delivery.”

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