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Reasons Why Your Oven is Not Heating Up

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All homes should have a working oven. It’s a requirement if you want to bake and prepare food at home.

If your oven is not heating, breaks down, and stops working, you’re stuck with takeout and delivery. Instead, take the time to identify what went wrong with your oven and fix it.

Listed below are a few reasons why your oven may be unable to heat up. Read on to learn more and fix the problem on your own.

One of the Heating Elements Is Defective

One of the possible reasons why your oven is not heating, and one of the heating elements is defective is because it’s a common symptom of it not functioning properly.

The heating element must be replaced for the oven to start working properly again. It’s important to ensure the oven is properly connected and all the other elements are working correctly before attempting to replace the defective element.

The Oven Temperature Sensor or Bulb Is Out

If this sensor or bulb has failed or gone out, it will create an issue with the oven not properly heating the air in the oven chamber, and the gas oven may not reach the desired temperature.

In some cases, the oven may even try to compensate by staying on or heating your oven up to excessively high temperatures. In either case, you need to replace the temperature sensor or bulb as soon as possible in order for your oven to function properly.

Your Gas Oven’s Ignitor Is Out

If the ignitor is not working, gas will not flow into the oven, and it will never heat up. This is a common problem that can be hard to diagnose on your own, but it should be the first thing you look into.

Common signs that the ignitor is not working can include a continuous clicking noise coming from the oven, sparking or arcing at the ignitor connections, yellow or orange streaks emanating from the ignitor, and a common odor of gas wafting through the oven.

The Thermostat or Selector Switch Are Burnt Out

The thermostat helps control the oven’s temperature, and the selector switch is used to select the correct temperature for cooking. If either of these components becomes burned out, the oven will not function properly and will not heat up.

Burning out can occur due to an overused appliance, electrical problems, or a faulty part. To fix this issue, you need to first disconnect the power supply and check the wires attached to the switch and thermostat to ensure they are in proper working order.

Bad Relays

Bad relays are one of the main reasons why your oven is not heating up. Relays are used to switch power sources and control power levels provided to the heating elements in the oven. If the relay is bad, the oven will not heat up or will heat up but not to the desired temperature.

Relays may become bad due to several reasons like electrical issues, power surges, or age. If your oven is not heating up and has bad relays, bring it to a repair and service for appliances right away.

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After troubleshooting and diagnosing your oven’s problems, it is time to move forward with repairs or replacements. Now that you know why your oven is not heating up speak to a qualified technician or check out online troubleshooting guides for DIY solutions.

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