Perfect Moissanite Jewelry Ring

How to Choose the Perfect Moissanite Jewelry

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but moissanite is an ethical and affordable alternative. This durable and versatile gemstone has been used in jewelry for over 20 years.

Moissanite is a lab-created stone but can be just as sparkling as a natural diamond. Choosing the perfect one is all about understanding your preferences and finding the right look.


As with diamonds, a moissanite’s beauty and value are based on the 4 C’s – color, cut, clarity, and carat. However, since moissanites are lab-created and not extracted from mines, they don’t have the same price differences that can occur between natural and synthetic gemstones.

Custom moissanite jewelry is available in various colors, including classic white and more unique hues like orange. When deciding on a color, it is essential to consider your partner’s style and personality, as well as the design of the ring.

In general, moissanites look best in cuts that hide color and maximize sparkle, such as the round brilliant cut, similar to the diamond’s iconic “crushed ice” sparkle. Other popular shapes include the marquise, princess, and oval cuts. Alternatively, step-cut styles such as baguette and emerald offer broader silhouettes that produce on/off light flashes, giving the stone a more subtle appearance.

Color in moissanites can also be impacted by the combination of hue, saturation, and tone. These result from the environment in which the gemstone was formed and can be a great way to add an element of uniqueness to your jewelry!


Moissanite is an eco-friendly alternative to diamond. It is more complex than diamond and can resist abrasion, making it ideal for everyday wear. In addition, unlike natural gemstones, moissanite is lab-created and not mined, resulting in an absence of environmental impacts.

Moissanites are available in various shapes and cuts, so choosing the right one for you or your partner is essential. The form will determine the overall look of the ring and may affect its durability. Choosing the perfect shape will also ensure that the ring fits nicely on your hand and provides a comfortable fit.

The clarity of a gem depends on the number and type of inclusions present in it: the fewer inclusions, the higher the clarity grade. The most common inclusions in moissanite are needles and mineral crystals, which appear as hazy-looking spots when viewed under magnification. The fewer needles and crystals in a moissanite, the better the clarity grade.

Moissanite is available in all colors of gold and can be set into classic to contemporary designs to create the perfect ring for you or your partner. It is an excellent choice for engagement rings, especially since it can be worn in place of a traditional diamond without sacrificing beauty or sustainability. Moissanite is also a beautiful choice for eternity bands and stacking rings, as it offers the same elegance and fire of diamond at a more affordable price.


Choosing an engagement ring is one of the biggest and most exciting choices you’ll ever make. You want to pick a beautiful stone that reflects your partner’s personality and is something you will treasure forever. But balancing style, current trends, and cost can be challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Moissanite is more affordable than diamonds, which can help couples stay within their budget while still getting the ring of their dreams. It also looks beautiful in various settings, including solitaire and halo styles. Moissanite is more complex than a diamond and resists scratches better than most other gemstones.

Another aspect to consider when buying a piece of jewelry with moissanite is its clarity. Moissanite’s clarity is graded on a scale ranging from Internally Flawless (IF) to Very Slightly Included (VS1). Moissanites are virtually flawless and have a sparkling brilliance with no cloudiness, unlike diamonds that may have inclusions visible under a microscope.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry with moissanite, we recommend choosing a jeweler who is experienced working with the gemstone and can offer certification. It allows you to shop confidently, knowing that the moissanite you buy is high quality and worth the price. Plus, a jeweler who is experienced working with moissanite will easily create the custom jewelry of your dreams.


Moissanite has become a popular option for engagement rings due to its beauty, uncompromised durability, and attractive price. The sparkle it emits is reminiscent of diamonds, making it an excellent alternative for those looking to make a big statement. Moissanite is also a lab-created gemstone with no environmental impact. It is an eco-conscious choice for couples who want a beautiful ring without sacrificing their budget or compromising quality.

As with diamonds, the four Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – are equally important when choosing moissanite jewelry. You will find a variety of shapes available at reputed stores, with round brilliant cuts being the most popular. This type of cut is explicitly designed to promote sparkle, with 58 facets that enhance fire and brilliance.

Other popular moissanite cuts include oval, marquise, and pear. Elongated silhouettes like these are ideal for those looking to make their ring look more extensive, but it is important to note that this may affect the stone’s clarity as long facets can obscure inclusions.

Step and mixed-cut moissanite are popular for those wanting to avoid wasting any rough material during the cutting process. These stones feature faceted and step-cut designs, often with higher clarity ratings than a regular round brilliant cut.

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