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Tips You Should Follow To Speed Up Recovery From Nasal Enhancement Surgery

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Want to get your rhinoplasty surgery or Nasal enhancement using a bone graft behind the ear (เสริม จมูก ด้วย กระดูก หลัง หู; which is the term in Thai)? After the surgery, you will need two or three weeks more for recovery. But if you follow proper instructions from the doctor and follow the below tips, then you can lessen that recovery time. Let’s read the article till it’s end to speed up your recovery process after rhinoplasty.

Don’t Take Anti-Inflammatory Medications

After rhinoplasty, you can face a little pain. In that case, you can talk with your surgeon about pain management and take only the recommended medication. Because the anti-inflammatory medication dilates the blood vessels, that can give you a swelling sensation, and sometimes it may lead to bleeding and prolong the recovery time.

You Can Use Frozen Peas

After three days of surgery, you can use frozen peas on the eyes and cheek to soothe swelling and bruising. These frozen peas make the blood vessels constrict and eventually reduce the swelling sensation. The faster the node will be controlled, the quicker you will speed up the recovery time.

Follow Post-Operative Instructions

During the early stages of recovery, swelling and bruising is quite normal. In that case, don’t follow doctor instructions properly to minimise the complications and ensure a faster recovery. In case you have concerns related to post-operative instructions, you can discuss them with your doctor. They will guide you so that you can fight those recovery days.

Take Time For Rest

After the surgery, you will need energy to speed up the healing. In that case, make sure you are having less strenuous activities. Apart from exercise, it would help if you stayed away from sports where there is a chance of bumping your nose. Any injury during the healing process will not only make you uncomfortable, but also it will prolong the recovery time.

Eat Healthy

After the rhinoplasty surgery with bone, your doctor will recommend eating healthy and drinking plenty of water so your body heals faster. Good nutrition can give your body enough room that is needed for repairing your body. Besides food, water also helps by flushing out toxins and reducing the chance of infection. Provide enough nutrients and oxygen to the tissues in the body that make the wound drainage proper.


These are all tips to speed up the recovery process after rhinoplasty. You can take more suggestions from the surgeon, who can guide you best so that you can enjoy blissful days after your rhinoplasty surgery.

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