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A Quick Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Your Car

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Has it been a while since you last did a comprehensive check on your car? Or perhaps you’ve been running out of time to dig into it?

Routine maintenance ensures your vehicle is in top shape. But you can try quick checks if you don’t have much time. So, how do you get started?

Here’s a quick preventative maintenance checklist you can try on your car!

Check Oil and Coolant Levels

You want to keep track of your car’s oil and coolant levels once a month or every gas fill. Good levels of oil and coolant help prevent engine issues.

You can check them by cooling your car’s engine, then dipping a rod or stick in the appropriate tanks.

Replace Air Filter

Air filters are vital in auto care because it keeps out debris and regulates airflow. A clean air filter promotes fuel efficiency, decreases emissions, and protects your engine.

Replacing the air filter usually takes simple steps and can be done any time at home.

Check Your Wheels

Your wheels ensure a safe ride, so you should include them and other related components in vehicle care. The following are a few to note:

  • Locate holes or damage
  • Check tire pressure before trips
  • Always carry a spare
  • Inspect the tread depth
  • Rotate the tires
  • Test the shocks and struts

You can learn more on tyre pressure and other related points by consulting with an expert.

Test Lights

Car maintenance includes other parts of your vehicle besides the primary functions, like lights. Many car owners overlook this, but you can check it by parking and viewing your car from the outside.

You should include the headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and parking lights.

Wash and Wax Your Car

Maintenance should include cosmetic car care to ensure your vehicle looks good as new. For this, wash and wax your car a few times a month to protect the paint and outer appearance.

Check Vital Vehicle Fluids

It’s vital to check the status of your car’s vital fluids to be sure everything works well. It includes the transmission fluid to lubricate all moving parts and transfer case fluid to help shift the power from the transmission to the axles.

View Spark Plugs

A car engine could fail if there’s a problem with the spark plugs since it won’t get enough power to run optimally. You can check if they are still in place or contact a professional to replace them.

Inspect Serpentine Belt

Although the serpentine belt doesn’t seem like much, it’s essential to check it during car maintenance. It powers other devices that allow your car to run, so you want to be sure there are no cracks and similar damages.

Lubricate Front and Rear Differentials

Your car’s differentials also require lubrication to ensure functionality. Otherwise, failing to check them could affect how your engine and tires work together.

Test Battery Performance

One of the crucial parts of auto care is testing your car battery. It usually lasts a while, but if you get exposed to high temperatures or too much power use, you want to check on it to be sure it still works.

Improve Car Performance With a Preventative Maintenance Checklist

A preventative maintenance checklist is an excellent way to locate car damages if you don’t have time for a full check-up. Moreover, it helps you detect issues with the vehicle sooner! Make sure to consult with an expert if you find any problems and to ensure proper auto care.

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