Elaborate Preparation Process of bistecca fiorentina

Know About the Elaborate Preparation Process of bistecca fiorentina

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If you love to eat steaks, then you should also know about the fascinating history of the Florentine steak. The magical taste of the dish is sufficient to convince you of the fact that it is a legend. The Medici family long back used to celebrate St. Lorenzo on the 10th of August.

They gave away a large amount of the ox meat to roast at the city square. It was a celebration, a gathering, a party with good food. The Italian word “bistecca” stands for steak in English. A group of English merchants participated in a banquet at Florence and requested beef steak. The name had its birth at the same time.

The concept

The authentic bistecca fiorentina is not just preparation but also an experience. You have to cut the Florentine steak from the veal loin.

If you are in Tuscany, the animal must be from the Chianina breed, which is one of the oldest. In the middle of the body, there is a T-shaped bone having the filet on a side and at least 1-inch thickness. Usually, the standard weight varies from 900 to 1300 grams. The more aged it is, the better will be the taste. Just remember not to put the cold meat on the grill.

More about the grill

The first thing is to keep the grill hot. You can declare the grill to be ready only when the colas mix with the ashes. It will not burn the meat.

The heat from the fire will immediately seal the meat. There are many discussions regarding cooking time. But for the best steak preparation, you have to keep each side on the grill for 5 minutes. After grilling, put the steak on a wooden cutting board and start slicing it for redistributing the juices. You can have simply cooked beans, some fresh salad, or baked potatoes for the side dish.

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