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Keiromancy: Unveiling the Secrets in 2 Minutes

Discover the ancient art of keiromancy—weather manipulation at its finest. Explore techniques, history, and practical applications. Unlock the secrets of wind, rain, and lightning.

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Keiromancy or ceromancy is a very old method of divination which deals specifically with the interpretation of wax left by burned candles.

The practitioners’ aim at divinating by analyzing the shapes, symbols, and patterns, which are formed by cooled wax residues of the candles.

A Brief History of Keiromancy

This science has roots in ancient China, Greece, and Rome and has been actively practiced for over 2000 years.

Perforation of bowls with symbols and heating wax or oil to read the result was another practice in Chinese culture.

It is also similar to lithomancy and lampadomancy, which were performed by the ancient Greeks and Romans, where by they tried to read meanings in stone formations and the movements of an oil lamp.

Thus, keiromancy was adapted, combined with folk magic, witchcraft, and religious methods of divination before it was developed into a modern metaphysical practice.

Symbolism in wax is still an appealing concept to some individuals who continue to find solace in getting counsel from spirits.

How Keiromancy Works?

Keiromancy divination typically involves these basic steps:

  • Place one or more candles around the table positioned on a holder and anointed with oils or having inscriptions pertinent to the reading.
  • Contemplating the flame in anticipation of signification to wipe out all the content of the mind.
  • Diluting a small portion of wax produced by the candle into a bowl of water or spreading it on a clean surface
  • Looking at the shapes and symbols created with the usage of the wax, the patterns that are formed as the wax solidifies.
  • Applying the knowledge of the candle wax intuition and the guide on the interpretation of symbols to understand them.

The practitioners speculate that the wax figures are somehow manipulated by spirits to show past, present or future events or energies in the subject’s life.

Like all other highly personalized practices, outcomes are largely dependent on the concentration, observation, as well as interpretational skills of the diviner.

Common Shapes and Meanings in Keiromancy

Some of the more common shapes seen in melted candle wax, along with their general divinatory meanings, include:Some of the more common shapes seen in melted candle wax, along with their general divinatory meanings, include:

Flowers – Spiritual and social transformation and new beginning.

Hearts or Wings– This means to have a deep affection or a close association between two or more individuals.

Money or Lucky Pig – Success in business and financial gains soon.

Water Transportation – To ensure that boat or ship travels safely in the future.

Fertility – Most fruits and vegetables are symbolic of fertility like bananas, potatoes, pumpkin, pomegranate etc.

Creativity – The fruits or vegetables that symbolize success or creativity of one’s work include the banana, potato, pumpkin, and pomegranate.

Clouds– It is guidance in the spirit; removing fog.

Animals or Insects – The meaning of each of the animal or insect differs depending on the context it is used in.

Other features include numbers, letters, color variations and relation between signs and symbols, and the proximity of signs to each other brings out differences in interpretations.

Many practitioners make use of spiritual symbology guides in the practice of wax reading sessions.

Uses for Keiromancy Readings

Reasons people turn to keiromancy wax readings include:

  • Future predictions and guidance of any kind
  • The topic focuses on romantic relationships between two individuals.
  • Projections of careers and of how one will make his/her living.
  • The process of making choices among different options.
  • Cultivating relationships with spirits as spiritual directors and protection spirit figures.
  • Determining the qualities or states that are helpful or unhelpful when it comes to the experiences of life.
  • Gaining self-awareness.
  • Dreaming can be defined as the activity of the mind while in the state of sleep; it is usually associated with images and sensations It is also prepared for or often interpreted because of dreaming.
  • Recognition of connections from past lives.

It is still widely used due to the calming effect that is derived from it and as well as images that are derived from the practice which appeals to many people with their religious beliefs.

FAQs on Keiromancy :

Q 1: What sort of candles should be used?

A 1 : Maybe keiromancy is best done with beeswax and soy candles because their sort of wax is most willing to melt. Melting point of paraffin wax is low; it is used in making candles and tends to become opaque. Thus, natural, colored candles may contain significance beyond their type.

Q 2: Is there any symbolism to candles or oils or shapes?

A 2 : Candles are written with runes or symbols, or anointed with oils associated with any question or issue being asked in the reading. Candles in particular shapes also recall symbols as observed to protrude from a wax.

Q 3 : Is it necessary to gain skill or training?

A 3 : Specialized training helps when it comes to understanding certain signals since it can be indicative in a way; however, first-timers can use a reference guide with symbols during a session. Other elements that can be associated with meditative focus to open intuition are also effective.

Q 4 : How realistic are keiromancy forecasts, in other words?

Like every other simplified practice that involves interpretation of symbols, the efficacy and preciseness of the results are directly proportional to the expertise, sharpness of perception and the effectiveness in perceiving signs that are likely to manifest.

Key Takeaways on Keiromancy Candle Divination

  • An archaic rite in which symbols are interpreted from the liquid remaining in a candle to predict the future.
  • If the interpreters can render the information accurately, visual symbols that form provide metaphysical direction.
  • Reading based on melting candles dressed and inscribed with reference to a particular question offers the most relevant interpretations
  • The outlook of the diviner, his or her capacity as an intuitive and the ability to interpret what is going on influences the outcome.
  • Still stays more reserved in its form, as a kind of spiritual experience for those who want to receive messages in symbols.


These are purely for entertainment and should not be viewed as serious careers.

Keiromancy and divination results should not be taken as substitutes for legal advice from lawyers, medical advice from certified physicians, or financial advice from certified financial advisors.

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