Is an EIN Number the Same as a Tax ID Number?

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If you are creating a new business, you will need an EIN number. You may have heard the term EIN as well as tax ID number in the process of starting up your new corporation. Both terms have the same meaning. A tax ID and an EIN number is a nine-digit code that is used to identify your business. Similar to a social security number for an individual, an EIN number is used to create an ID for your business, helping you to file taxes, open a bank account and complete other business dealings. To learn how to apply ein online, you will need to visit Gov Doc Filing. Easily fill out an application and have your new business ID in no time.

Filling Out an Application

The application process for an EIN number is simple to complete. You will need to choose your business type first, such as an LLC or sole proprietorship. Once you choose the type, you will then be ready to fill out information about your business, such as LLC Forms. Which will nclude details about services and physical address. Once the form is complete, you will hit the submit button.

The new EIN number for your business should be provided to you within an hour or so of selecting the submit button. An email will be sent to you via the email address you provide, and it can then be used to identify your business.

How Businesses Use a Tax ID Number

Once you have your new tax ID number, you will be able to use it for business needs. You will use this number for financial needs, such as filing income tax, payroll distribution for employees, credit application and more.

By visiting Gov Doc Filing, you will be able to fill out the paperwork to obtain a tax ID number and get the ball rolling with setting up your new business.

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