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Internet Fame: Expanding Your Social Media Influence After a Viral Post

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Imagine waking up to the news that your video went viral for all the good reasons. Seeing your post being shared a million times makes you feel like an instant celebrity. What will you do to expand your influence on social media?

If you already have a viral post, you are lucky because your post is one in a million. According to a Stanford University study, less than 1% of internet content goes viral.

But what if you want to expand your influence? How can you use that to your advantage? Well, here are the things you can do if you want to maintain that internet fame.

Know the audience who shared your post

These people are the ones who made your content viral in the first place. Knowing the type of people who resonated with your post is very important. This will lead you to the path you are going to take next. Demographic profiling is vital when it comes to playing with algorithms. See the people you have inspired with your video, and you can base your next content on them. Study their reactions so that you will know what kind of post you will share in the future.

Their impression can also identify your next target audience. Since they are the ones who reacted to your viral content, they’re most likely the ones who are going to share it. Your audience holds the future of your online popularity.

Continue posting

Posting continuously will feel like you’re just putting fillers out there, but this method actually works. You don’t want your newly-found fans waiting for your next funny video. Increase your online presence and update your followers by sharing posts you think they will love to read. They can be in the form of motivational stories or inspirational clips.

You can put out anything you think will make your target audience get through the day. This will also give you enough time to conceptualize your next content. Use these breaks to think of ideas that’ll get your fans reacting the same way they reacted to your viral post. Additionally, continuous posting can increase your online visibility. This will definitely help get your message out there while your followers are waiting for your next move.

Replicate your viral success

This is the tricky part. Replicating the success of your first viral content can be challenging. You want to pique your audience’s interest as much as you did with your first viral post. At the same time, you don’t want to do what you exactly did before because it’s going to be monotonous. This is where extensive research will play a significant role in the conceptualization of your next post.

Check out the trends and pick up everything you think will be useful. Take inspiration from the latest viral content and check out what other content creators are making. See if you can gather anything that you can apply to your creative process. You can delve into pop culture or any trends on TV or online for your next content. Your audience will crave the vibe you gave them before. This is why it’s vital to discover the formula attributed to your content. You should be original all the time.

Build a larger online presence

If you have established a loyal following, this can be the time to expand your empire online. Partner with creatives who you think are on the same wavelength as you. This is the time to make your brand known. Do this by enforcing strong internet visibility.

You can start with a website that will introduce you as an online personality. Make sure to come up with good graphic design ideas that will embody your brand. Start a vlog or anything where you can document the things you think your fans will be interested in. YouTube is a massive platform to start this venture with its two billion users. Every detail you want to put out there should be shared across your social media accounts. If you want longevity rather than an overnight sensation, you have to extend your influence.

Interact with your new audience

If you want to make a continuous impact online, you have to make time for your audience. Your engagement with your fans is the key to maintaining a personal relationship with them. This is the moment where you can actually give them teases about your next content and make them want more. Smm panel india

Interaction can also make the people continuously support you. This gives them the impression that you constantly think about what they want to see. It’s an intimate way to connect with the audience who made you viral. It’s giving them the admiration they deserve in return.

Now you have all the hacks to maintain your online virality, you are ready to take on the world of social media. Just be mentally prepared for everything. Alternatively, if you think you are not made for this, you can always retract your decision. Move forward and make those 15 minutes of online fame a story you will tell your grandchildren.           

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