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How to Plan Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

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Planning a kitchen renovation can feel like a lot of pressure, right? You want a kitchen that you can use every day, but you don’t want to go overboard or spend a ton of money. You want it to feel brand new while being reasonably priced.

What do you do? How do you pull it together?

Leave it to us! We want you to have the best kitchen of your life within your budget.

Read on for a few great tips on how to plan for a modern kitchen remodel.

Evaluate Your Kitchen Needs

Take an honest look at the function and style of your current kitchen. Make a list of the items that you would like to change, such as insufficient counter space, outdated cabinets, and inefficient appliances.

Once you’ve had a chance to evaluate your kitchen needs, it is time to plan your modern kitchen remodel. Take into account the specific needs of your household. Consider which appliances are used most often, and plan accordingly.

Create a Budget Plan

Start by researching the average costs of remodeling your particular type of kitchen and determine your estimated budget. Then, start itemizing the specific costs associated with the remodel like flooring, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and fixtures.

Once you have an idea of your total cost, create a timeline with estimated dates of completion to ensure the project stays on track. If your budget is tight, consider making smaller changes like repainting the walls or replacing cabinet hardware. You can also look into purchasing inexpensive yet quality materials and resources to help reduce the overall cost.

Choose the Right Appliances

The right appliances will not only provide functionality but also add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Before selecting your appliances, consider the usage of your kitchen to determine which appliances will best suit your needs. Research features, prices, and sizes to make sure the ones you choose are the right fit.

Make sure the appliances you choose match the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Choose energy-efficient appliances to save you time and money in the long run.

Decide on the Finishing Touches

Select a neutral paint color to make the room feel more spacious, and consider tiling the backsplash to protect walls from splashes. Incorporate accent lighting to illuminate workspaces, and consider using crown molding to create an extra touch of style. Choose classic yet chic countertops and add interesting textures mixed with the practical.

Incorporate stylish storage solutions with hanging pots, plants, and cookware or wall organizer systems. Choose comfortable yet contemporary kitchen furniture to further make the space your own.

Consult the Professionals

Planning your modern kitchen remodel project is daunting, but consulting professionals like Cornerstone Remodeling can make the job easier.

Conduct research in the area, ask questions, and learn about costs. A good architect will create a design that considers the flow of traffic and feature fixtures and incorporates technological elements.

Kitchen contractors will execute the kitchen remodel ideas and vision through the building, plumbing, and electrical services. A kitchen retailer can provide a one-stop shop for purchasing materials and appliances.

Plan Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

Now you are ready to enjoy your modern kitchen remodel! Everything from planning, setting a budget, and choosing materials will help you create a modern kitchen you’re sure to love.

Do your research and consider what will look best in your space. Contact an experienced kitchen remodeler to get started!

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