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How to Find the Best Gold Bars to Buy

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Humans have had a love affair with gold for almost as long as we have been in existence. Around 1 million years ago, our earliest ancestors were living in a Saharan gold mine.

To this day, it is an excellent idea to invest in gold. The price of gold continues to appreciate year after year. There’s one big problem, though: you have to weed through many shady dealers to find real, physical gold bullion.

What are the best gold bars to buy? In this brief guide, we’ll teach you how to bolster your investment portfolio with authentic gold.

The Best Gold Bars to Buy Have Real Hallmarks

It’s not sufficient to identify gold just by its physical properties. Sure, you could conduct tests. But then you’d be destroying your ingots-reducing their value for resale.

To avoid having to send every gold bar you get to a lab, gold and silver ingots have stamps called hallmarks. The stamps denote those who minted the bar, its purity, and its weight. Businesses like this company should display these hallmarks clearly.

Take careful note of the registration number. Cross-reference that number with the company on the hallmark. Then, you can tell if this is an authentic-and unique-gold bar.

It goes without saying that you should only trust major, reputable brands. Avoid any hallmarks from companies that are not well known.

Note the Price of Gold

Scammers use a lot of techniques to sell you fake gold bars. One that they will often employ is creating a seemingly authentic gold bar. Then, they offer you a below-average price.

Pay close attention to the price of gold. No one in their right mind would sell your gold for less than the current market value. This value fluctuates on a daily basis, so gold prices are never consistent.

It’s a pretty obvious sign of a scam if someone tries to sell you gold for a too-low price.

Invest in Purity and Size

Vendors will typically nickel and dime you with “fashion charges.” These are processing and packaging charges slapped on top of an ingot’s regular price. They can add up quickly, especially if you are buying multiple bars.

An easy way to avoid this is to purchase high-purity bars. At 99.95% purity, you don’t have to pay any VAT. This can save you a ton of money just on a single bar alone.

Also, consider buying larger bars if you plan to make a long-term investment. If you plan to sell in the future, though, consider smaller bars. This gives you more flexibility when putting them up for sale-rather than hawking big bars.

Invest in Gold Today

Gold remains, over the course of millennia, an excellent investment choice. The best gold bars to buy are those with authentic hallmark stamps. Make sure you choose the highest purity possible and pick a size that works with your investment portfolio plans.

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