How to Choose a Reliable Early Childhood Education Centre 

How to Choose a Reliable Early Childhood Education Centre 

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Parents want the best for their kids. But since there is no school for parents, one cannot claim to have the best choices at all times. Even if a parent claims to have his child’s welfare at heart, there would be times that his choices are not that sound. The same logic is very much applicable in deciding at what age should they send their kids to school.

While some parents agree that early childhood education programs are best administered before the kids enter kindergarten, some parents think that this is too much and too soon. The truth of the matter is, there have been countless studies from different well-known universities, private individuals, and public institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that strongly advocated for parents to invest in the early education of their kids. According to these institutions, early childhood intervention can lessen gaps experienced by kids born in disadvantaged environments. It can also significantly improve their cognitive skills, as well as the skills needed to be successful in school, work, and life.

Now, if you are genuinely convinced of the importance of early childhood education, but are wondering how to choose the right education centre for your kids, check these tips out.

Go For Schools That Accept Very Young Learners

The best time to start any education program for your kids is at six months old. During this stage, he begins to familiarise himself with the faces of the people around him, differentiate his parents from strangers, respond to other’s emotions, and start making a sound. This is also the age wherein he develops his cognitive, physical, and language skills. Suppose you send your kids to specialised centres offering early childhood education programs, you are not only helping them address the environmental gaps, but you are also teaching them to be more interactive and confident around people and kids their age.

With this in mind, it is therefore essential to go to centres that accept learners as young as six months old and as old as nine. Most of the time, the family members of these young learners are also taught how to respond to the child in a household setting. Through this, learning is not disrupted even if the child goes home from the centre.

Choose Schools That Offer Out-Of-The-Box Programs

Every learner has different needs, so it is highly essential that the institution taking care of him can offer tailored-fit programs. With these customised programs, the individual needs of these young learners are addressed and covered. But aside from having customised programs, it is also beneficial for the learners if the centre also invests in their emotional development. While some centres support more on the kid’s mental development, it would help the child foster meaningful relationships later in life if they went through a balanced program that also taught them to empathise with others. In promoting a holistic approach in education, your child will grow up with a developed brain and an equally developed heart.

Some parents are still not sold out to the idea of sending their kids as early as six months old. For them, their kids should be given enough time to play before they start beating themselves up in regular schools. But you see, the child’s development begins the moment he is born. His mind is like an empty sheet of paper that gathers lessons from their experiences. So, if he is in an adverse environment since birth, there is a very high chance that his development will be hampered. If you genuinely care for your child, why not send them to these early childhood centres when they turn six months old? With this one simple act, you are paving a clearer and better path for your child.

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