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How to Choose a Boat Trailer

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Aside from ordering your boat from a manufacturer like Nautique or Cobalt, you can have it delivered to your house via a specialty marine dealer.

But even after you receive the boat from the dealer, there are still many decisions left to make. One of them is the trailer. Choosing the wrong trailer for you will just add trouble to the already large pile of problems you’re already dealing with.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to choose a trailer for your boat.

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Size Matters

One of the boating tips when choosing a boat trailer is size matters. A trailer that is too small for the boat can make it difficult to maneuver and cause possible damage to the hull.

If a trailer is too large, the boat may move around too much during transportation, which could lead to chipping or damage to the hull. It is important to measure the length of the boat to ensure the proper size trailer is chosen.

If you want something that is the same size as your small boat, you can shop small boat trailer here to find the right fit for the boat, budget, and lifestyle.

Tongue Weight

The trailer should have an adequate capacity to support some boating equipment and gear when transporting. This is the weight of the trailer being put on the towing vehicle’s hitch.

The vehicle’s rating must be considered and the tongue weight should be 10% to 15% of the loads’ overall weight. This will provide a safe load for the towing vehicle and the trailer.

If the tongue weight is too low, the boat going down the road will feel loose and could cause a dangerous situation. If the tongue weight is too high, this could damage the towing vehicle’s suspension, brakes, transmission, and other components.

A good guideline is to make sure the tow vehicle’s engine size provides ample power and torque to match the trailer’s tongue weight. It is recommended to always use a weight-distributing hitch to provide even weight distribution and a safe towing experience.

Single or Multiple Axles

Deciding between a single- and multiple-axle boat trailer can be a difficult process. The type of boat you have should help you decide which way to go. Smaller vessels like a dinghy or jet skis can easily be hauled with a single-axle trailer.

Multiple axles are typically used for boats that are heavier or longer than about 20 feet. The type of terrain you’ll be traveling on should also be considered when making your decision.

If you’re traveling on highways and main roads, then a single-axle trailer will be fine as long as the road is flat and straight. Multiple axles offer added stability and weight distribution on winding roads and steep hills.


You want a trailer that is able to withstand the elements and harsh conditions while transporting your boat. Steel and aluminum trailers are the most common and offer longevity.

Steel can be more prone to rust, so make sure to check the construction, welds, and coatings. Aluminum may be more expensive, but it can stand up against harsher conditions and reduce weight.

Evaluating Trailer Options and Boating Accessories

A boat trailer can make your life easier when launching, as well as storing, a boat. Ready to make a purchase? Know your boating accessories and your needs to help choose the perfect boat trailer for you.

Make sure to research the size, weight capacity, and features that you need. Good luck!

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