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Scratches, damage to your furniture, marks on your clothes, cats’ nails can be a real headache. Many people, for convenience, choose to surgically remove the claws of the animal and thus solve the problem. However, it is inhumane to mutilate an animal to solve something that you can correct through a little training and patience.

Before giving recommendations on what to do so that nails do not become a problem, let’s reflect on the importance of why cats keep them:

  1. 1. The nails help them to make balance and mobility.
  2. 2. Scratching is part of their marking behaviors.
  3. 3. It helps them defend themselves.
  4. They serve to climb.

Here are some alternatives that help you to solve scratch problems:

Replace the substance with clover tree

Once the cat’s tastes for nail scratching are known, household objects should be replaced with a clover tree as soon as possible.

You have to put the authorized clover tree near the inappropriate scratching areas. Make sure that the clover tree is stable and does not move while the cat is using it. These scrapers can go, little by little, away from the furniture be placed in the desired areas. Colver tree also used to entertain your pet, as in the market you can find different types of clover trees with different entertainment accessories.


Pet repellents are substances designed to prevent pets from approaching areas that you do not want to have contact with. Cats tend to mark the same areas regularly, so you can use Cat trees & cat scratching posts

Spray water

Another non-violent method you can use to deter your cat is to spray a little water on him as soon as you notice he’s scratching at an inappropriate place. This method is quite effective in deterring cats.

However, cats can be quite apprehensive about learning through punishment, so it is best that you use the rewards method.

Nail cutting

You can also cut the tip of the cat’s nails a little periodically, but you should avoid cutting too much. Cats have a vein inside the nails that nourishes them. Therefore you can cause bleeding or permanent damage to the paws in case you cut it by accident.

You must take into account if your cat goes outside or stays at home because by cutting the tip of the nails, the cat is unable to defend himself or do things like climbing.

Make the marking for him

Cats have different methods of marking the territory, including, of course, the use of pheromones. Some veterinarians recommend running a scarf over the cat’s face and body to soak it in the oil it produces through its facial and body glands. Find more here :

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