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Everything You Need to Know About Chopper Customization

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Motorcycles are an exciting and liberating way to travel since you can feel the wind in your hair and the road under your two wheels. Motorcycle owners cover nearly 1.5 billion miles of roadway annually in the United States, and you can add to that total by purchasing a custom motorcycle. You’ll stand out for the right reasons as you cruise down the highway on your new chopper.

Chopper customization is similar to modding a car, but it’s vital to know your options when exploring chopper upgrades. Adding to the look of your bike is fulfilling, but there are functional add-ons to consider when purchasing chopper mods.

The good news is that you’ve found this enlightening guide to the best mods you should install on your new motorcycle. Continue reading to enjoy an incredible riding experience each time you mount your bike.

New Paint Job

One of the first changes you can make after purchasing your motorcycle is to consider a new custom paint job. Find a single color you love and apply that to the body of your bike, or opt for a multi-colored pattern that will stand out from the pack. Other bikers enjoy a chrome paint job that helps your bike shine and stand out from a mile away.

Chrome is an excellent addition to the furnishings and handlebars for your motorcycle. It enhances the bike’s appearance, providing a custom, luxurious look.

Purchase Heat Grips

You never know what weather you’ll travel through when riding your chopper, but it’s best to prepare beforehand. Wearing gloves is an effective way to keep your hands warm, but it’s often not enough when traveling at 70+ miles per hour in freezing temperatures. You can overcome this obstacle by picking out heated motorcycle grips.

These chopper mods won’t alter your bike’s appearance or performance, but you’ll be much more comfortable when out for a ride. You can enjoy rides through the mountains as the leaves change color. You can also enjoy increased dexterity with lighter gloves since your hands remain warm throughout your ride.

Add Custom Lights

Custom lighting is another effective way to make your bike stand out from the rest in your area. You have several unique lighting options to consider when building a custom motorcycle. Strip lights are an excellent way to improve safety when riding your bike at night so other drivers can see you easily.

Pencil beam lights are also beneficial for night driving since they help you see further on your bike. You’ll see into the distance when it’s dark out. Don’t take your safety for granted when shopping for the best chopper upgrades.

Upgrade Your Exhaust

Upgrading your motorcycle’s exhaust offers several benefits when investing in chopper customization. You’ll change your bike’s look from the stock appearance, helping it stand out from other bikes in your area. Your new exhaust upgrade will also alter your bike’s sound when idling and getting on the throttle.

The upgrade increases your bike’s noise when moving, essential for your safety. Motorcycles are easy for other drivers to miss, especially when alongside the car. The excessive noise from your new exhaust will alter every driver near your presence to keep you safe.

It’s also one of the best performance modifications you can invest in for a motorcycle. Pair your new exhaust with the best motorcycle air filters to boost your bike’s performance and have more fun on the road.

Change Your Seat

An uncomfortable motorcycle seat is a sure way to take away from your riding experience and limit the distances you can cover. Most stock motorcycle seats aren’t built for lasting comfort, so it’s worthwhile to consider upgrades in this department. You’ll find several options that add more comfort and support while enhancing your bike’s appearance.

Swap Your Tires

Tires play a significant role in improving or detracting from your motorcycle’s performance. Wider tires provide more contact with the road when out for rides. It’s best to consider your purpose for your bike when investing in new tires.

Some tires are designed to offer incredible performance on pavement, while others are geared toward providing better traction on loose gravel and dirt. Invest in the tires that will aid your preferred riding method when putting money into motorcycle customization.

Add a Windshield

If your custom motorcycle didn’t come with a windshield, consider adding one for safety and comfort. After a few miles, the sensation of getting hit with bugs and excessive wind while cruising the highway gets old. A windshield will protect you from turbulence, pebbles, and bugs so you can enjoy your time out on your bike.

Boost Your Sound System

Part of the joy of cruising on your custom chopper is listening to your favorite music while taking in the scenery. A simple radio will do the trick, but choosing a sound system that pairs with your smartphone is best. You can choose the music you want to listen to rather than being at the mercy of a radio DJ.

Helmet speakers are another fantastic upgrade to listen to music while riding your motorcycle. Check the legality of these speakers in your home state before investing and using them. You can avoid trouble with the law by researching the motorcycle laws in your area to create the perfect custom chopper.

Invest in Chopper Customization Today

Chopper customization can look like several things to a motorcycle owner, with performance upgrades and comfort the two most common areas owners invest in. Consider upgrading the lights on your custom motorcycle to make yourself more noticeable to other drivers at night.

An upgraded exhaust creates more noise and boosts your bike’s performance, while air filters improve airflow for your bike’s motor. Add a windshield for more protection from bugs and wind, and use heated grips to keep your hands warm when the weather turns cold.

Traveling and hitting the road is a liberating feeling you deserve to indulge in. Read more of our Auto and Motor blog content to learn about the best motorcycles and upgrades to consider today!

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