why do you need Home insurance?

Do You Really Need Home Insurance?  

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This is an age-old question, often asked by first-time home buyers when they realize how expensive it is to purchase home insurance overall. Although most would consider it a non-negotiable, the reality is that not everyone understands the need for home insurance in Troy

So, let’s look into why home insurance is so important.  

Is It a Legal Requirement?

In the state of New York, car insurance is a legal requirement, but homeowners’ insurance is not. That being said, mortgage lenders are unlikely to allow you to lend without a basic form of insurance.  

This is Why You Need It

Even if you’ve bought a home outright, you probably still will want homeowners’ insurance once you read through our list below. 

 It Protects Your Home

Once you’ve bought, furnished, and started paying the bills in your home, you won’t have enough money left over to protect your home should something happen, and you need to repair or rebuild. This is why most people get insurance, it’s essentially protecting from financial hardship down the line. 

It Protects Your Belongings

Look around your home at all the things you’ve collected over the years, you need to protect these things as well. In the case of damage, theft, or loss, these things, if insured, can be remade, or you can at least get the value of the item back, even if you don’t have the item itself. Some homeowner’s insurance can also protect your items when they’re lost outside the home. 

Protection From Lawsuits

On the off chance a visitor comes to your property and gets hurt, and that injury leads to medical fees, you can end up with unwanted costs when you’re sued for damages. This type of coverage is called personal liability and is vital to protect against legal issues that may arise. 

Less Stress Overall

After you take a look at your finances, ask yourself if you can really survive if something were to happen to your home and you had to pay out of pocket. With construction costs rising, a simple one-room fire can make life difficult. So, save yourself from stress and just live your life knowing your home and its contents are well protected if the worst happens. 

Call NY Insurance Hub

Homeowners insurance isn’t something you should get wrong. You want to have the right level of coverage: not too little, and not too much. This varies from home to home, so contact NY Insurance Hub and get started with a personalized coverage option. 

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