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Digitogy Joins VIZR for Safer Navigation

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The Digitogy website is for very useful devices and things that people can buy, and they wrote a review for a new VIZR HUD display.

Looking at this text, the VIZR HUD display is a very useful and quality device that does not cost much and can immensely help people while driving.

As some people have fear of driving, which can cause many problems, not to mention the millions of accidents that happen each year, Digitogy has introduced this HUD display for the very reason – to help drivers who need this, as well as all drivers in general.

The product management division’s director commented that “This display connects to smartphone navigation, so this is not the navigation itself, but a screen that will transfer or ‘reflect’ the navigation from your smartphone.

This will reduce distractions while driving, and the emphasis will be on safety and security while travelling. Digitogy believes that this device is much better than looking directly at the smartphone because it can be placed anywhere in the car – on the windshield, seat, board so that navigation will be placed where it suits the driver best.

The most important fact of all is that the display is made of transparent glass, which means that it will not block the view of the road, but drivers will be able to see everything in front of them – as if it does not exist”.

It has already been mentioned that this transparent glass prescribes what is happening on the navigation of your smartphone.

According to the company FIXD Automotive, which made this display, VIZR is compatible with all phone models, it is simply necessary to download the application from the store and pair the device with a smartphone. The application is available for both Android and Apple telephones.

The application and the device do not have any additional payments – once you buy the device and download the application for free, it will serve you with no additional cost.

The price of this device is $40, which is really low compared to other navigations (although this is not navigation in itself, a mirror screen, still the use is the same). There are also special deals where you can buy more devices at a discount, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied.

All in all, to give $40 for a modern and high-quality display that will help you get to your desired destination quickly, safely, and securely, obviously thinks it’s a good deal.

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