A Parent's Handbook on How to Prepare for College

Course Shopping: a Glimpse of the Future

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Today, high school can be such a fun time for your child. It is their first taste of adulthood without having to undertake heavy responsibilities. They also experience puppy love and possibly their first heartbreak. Most importantly, it is the time that they prepare for college.

By this time, they should already have a clue on what major to take. If your child has doubts or questions, you can go course shopping. Together, you can discover the course’s history and learn the who’s who of the field.

This exercise will help them determine what course to take. Your daughter can assess themselves if she has the stamina to undertake such a challenge. It can also uncover possible job options.


The pandemic shed light on the shortage of healthcare workers. We have also come to appreciate this field better.  If you noticed that your daughter showed signs of interest, encourage her to join this profession. It can be our way of saying thank you for the many sacrifices that medical personnel took.

They can start their journey by choosing the STEM strand in senior high school. It can prepare them for the challenge that lies ahead of them. After this phase, they can assess their career path. Do they still want to continue? Or do they want to their current trajectory?

If they are determined to push through with their plans, they can take nursing or biology as a premed course. It will give them a realistic glimpse of medical school. They can also opt for radiologic technology or perhaps pharmacy.

The current medical crisis shed the spotlight on Dr. Anthony Fauci. But we must acknowledge the contribution of the late Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. He was the first surgeon who successfully carried out an open-heart operation. We must also tip our hat to Sir Alexander Fleming for discovering penicillin.


Taking up a major in history does not necessarily mean that your child will be bound in the classroom for life. On the contrary, he can travel the world in the quest for knowledge. If you are doubtful about our assertion, take a closer look at Howard Carter’s charmed life. Do take note that everyone remembers his name. But only a handful of people know the influence of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon on the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Most historians thrive in the rush of an archaeological find. You can find them digging in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Or they can also be in a lab, trying to decipher the mystery of the terracotta army. Wherever they might be, the whole world celebrates their discovery.

You can also find them in museums and palaces. Lucy Worsley spends her day taking care of British royal palaces. After working as a curator for many, she is still not bored with these majestic structures. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, acknowledged Lucy’s contribution and made her a member of the Order of the British Empire.


If your daughter finds math interesting, why not encourage her to take up engineering? With the advent of robotics in science and manufacturing, this course will help her rake money in the future. We heard about horror stories of machines replacing people. Your daughter will never face this dilemma because she will be the brains behind the robot.

Even in the past, engineers were pillars of society. Their works connected one part of the empire to the other. We stand in awe of the beauty of Roman aqueducts. Of course, you cannot forget the pyramids. What is even more incredible about these engineering works is that they stood the test of time.

Contemporary builders use age-old principles in creating modern marvels. Your daughter will get a kick on how to apply mathematical functions to keep buildings structurally sound. As a civil engineer, she will manage the design and construction of structures. Math will be the very foundation of her job.

We mentioned robotics in passing. This branch of engineering makes what once was considered science fiction into reality. The futuristic world of The Jetsons is just a few years away from our current time. A few years ago, CNBC reported human-like robots taking over the workplace. Can you imagine what the future will look like?

With your guidance, your son can achieve his dreams. The sky is the limit. He might be the one to create a machine to extract venom from snakes without human intervention. Perhaps, he will discover the bones of the historical Moses. His success is also your success.

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