Hand Stretch Wrapping and Pallet Wrappers

Benefits of Hand Stretch Wrapping and Pallet Wrappers

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Hand Stretch Wrapping and Pallet WrappersStretch wrapping in a common packaging methods that is used all over the world. It can be conducted both by hand and using a pallet wrapping machine. It is a great packaging method for companies to consider when looking to save time and money, offering several amazing benefits and advantages.

Stretch wrapping is one of the simplest and easiest ways to secure and protect loads ready for transportation and storage. I can be done by hand and using machines, each providing the same benefits. Just some of the benefits of stretch wrapping, also known as pallet wrapping, include the following:

Increased product protection:

Stretch wrapping loads using high quality stretch wrap film, provides goods with protection from a range of elements including but not limited to dirt, dust and moisture. Stretch wrapping goods keeps them clean and dry whilst allowing them to still be visible to consumers. There are even specialist shrink wrap films available which can provide products with protection from UV rays and more, allowing for safer outdoor storage.

Reduced product damage:

Stretch wrapping products can assist in reducing product damage, allowing you to create more stable loads that can be most around by forklifts and people without having to worry about damage all of the time.

Improved shipping and handling efficiencies:

Stretch wrapping improves shipping and handling efficiencies in multiples ways, for example:

  • Allows you to stack your load higher on pallets, maximizing cube space in your warehouse
  • Allows loads to be wrapped quicker than ever before, incredibly productivity
  • Allows you to stack oddly shaped items in a neat square configuration

Improved inventory control

By stretch wrapping goods together you can better organise your inventory and take care of your stock control. It is much easier to count big bundles of products than it is thousands of individual products


A lot of shrink wrap films are now almost 100{513a3ea69a8cae3f840e741769adf77c903b3c1df0ea138a612732eb2180f483} recyclable, which is becoming more and more important to businesses around the world

These are only some of the benefits and advantages of pallet wrapping too! If you are unsure whether pallet wrapping could improve the packaging processes within your business, we highly advise that you contact a leading shrink-wrap supplier such as Pallet Wrappers today who will no doubt be delighted to assist and guide you further.

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