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Advanced Skin Care Process Helps To Remove Acne Or Scars

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Acne is the most common problem in our skin due to various reasons. Due to an indisciplined lifestyle, we face these issues, and later on, it creates a scar that cannot be removed easily by any skincare process. So, at that time, Acne Scar Treatment (รักษา สิว, which is the term in Thai) was needed to remove those marks.

How Does It Happen?

It has been noticed that due to our busy schedule in our office or managing the household, we cannot maintain a healthy diet; also, sometimes, we skip our meals and have some fried food instead of a wholesome meal. This leads to an acidic reaction, which will give us too much discomfort or uneasiness in our stomach, by which pimples will appear on our faces, leaving a scar on your face. Applying only chemical products will not help unless we maintain a healthy diet or lifestyle.

What Type Of Treatment Is Necessary To Minimise Its Effects?

At first, to treat these acne scars, chemicals were applied on the skin to reduce its effect or spots, so this process will help to peel the outer layer of your skin, making the spot a bit lighter and also helps in producing collagen, which will help to remove the scar completely. Now, this process is time-consuming. With the advancement of technology, Acne Scar Treatment is done within a few hours. So now, there is no need to apply any chemicals as laser treatment will help to fade all the spots and scars within a few hours without giving you any pain.

Dermatologists can also suggest you go for dermal fillers. This process can only be done with the help of injections that contain hyaluronic acid. This acid is particularly meant for our skin and to improve our collagen. But the effects are temporary as it lasts for a year.

How Much Is The Cost?

The cost varies, knowing the condition of your skin. A dermatologist will suggest a treatment for you. It all depends on the type and severity of the scar and recommending the most appropriate treatment for it to get the best results.


Skin problems are many, so you need to consult a proper dermatologist to get effective results. Seeing others’ skin, we feel they are blessed, but they follow each process to retain their skin glow as acne or scars are too stubborn to get rid of them. Too much sun exposure also damages your skin badly. As these treatments evolve, these acne scars fade away, gradually turning you into a confident one by gifting you radiant skin.

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