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A Guide to the Top Ten Criminal Defense Attorneys in Florida

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When it comes to legal battles, having the right defense attorney by your side can make all the difference. Our guide to the top ten criminal defense attorneys in Florida showcases the cream of the legal crop.

From experienced courtroom maestros to compassionate advocates, these legal titans have repeatedly proven their mettle. Whether you’re facing minor charges or a high-stakes case, discover the best in the business who will champion your cause, unravel legal complexities, and navigate you toward the fairest outcome.

1. Kenneth David Padowitz

Kenneth Padowitz possesses exceptional courtroom expertise and qualifications. He has an outstanding track record of 34 victories and only one loss in First Degree Murder Trials.

2. David Katz

David Katz is a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer who possesses the necessary expertise to effectively advocate for you in a court of law. With a focus on criminal forfeiture and sex crimes, he has established himself as a leading professional in his field.

3. Amir Ladan

Amir Ladan specializes in various areas of law, including DUIs, sex crimes, domestic violence, drug crimes, traffic offenses, as well as expungement and record sealing. Fluent in Farsi, Attorney Amir Ladan holds memberships in reputable organizations such as the Armenian Bar Association and the State Bar Association.

4. Patrick Grozinger

As a member of the State Bar Association, Patrick Grozinger ranks among the leading criminal defense attorneys in the field. His dedication and hard work have earned him numerous accolades, notably the Super Lawyers Rising Stars award.

5. David Hill

David Hill is dedicated to providing the best defense for clients facing assault and battery, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUIs, and DWI charges. Outside of his legal practice, he actively participates in organizations like the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the American Bar Association.

6. Terry Rooth

With more than two decades of experience in criminal law and a previous role as a public defender, Terry Rooth possesses the expertise and insight required to excel in complex cases. Throughout the legal process, Terry prioritizes safeguarding his clients’ rights and securing favorable outcomes.

7. Arthur Miksis, Esq.

Arthur Miksis is an experienced defense attorney who has successfully managed cases with remarkable proficiency. Arthur firmly believes in treating clients with the utmost care, respect, and prompt responsiveness, as he values the same treatment for himself. For more info, view this criminal defense attorney and see how his clients acknowledged him for his effectiveness.

8. Stuart Hyman

Stuart Hyman is recognized as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Orlando, with 35+ years of experience. He stays updated on the latest developments in criminal law, allowing him to provide cutting-edge representation to his clients.

9. Thomas Feiter

Thomas Feiter is dedicated to defending his clients until they achieve liberty. He maintains open communication with his clients, ensuring they stay informed and supported at all times.

10. David Bigney

Having served as an Assistant State Attorney (ASA), David Bigney has solidified his position as one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in Orlando. His unwavering commitment to seeking justice for his clients has earned him a stellar reputation.

Partnering With Florida’s Top Ten Criminal Defense Attorneys

As you can see, Florida is home to some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country. Choosing the right attorney for your case is key to a successful outcome.

Consider the top ten criminal defense attorneys profiled here if you need legal assistance in Florida. Contact one of them today to learn more about their services and begin building your defense!

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