A First-Timer’s Guide: Insights on Marijuana and Ways to Use

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It will take time for all States to legalize the use of marijuana. However, users can visit regions that have legislation of production and consumption of the plant. One cannabis dispensary can serve consumers from different neighborhoods. You need to order over the internet or book an appointment to visit the shop. There are different varieties to explore for your medical and recreational needs.

In the United States of America, the legal age of buying marihuana in licensed shops is 21 years. It is a requirement to carry your ID card for proof. You will also need a doctor’s prescription when buying medical marijuana in some States. Since marijuana consumers have busy schedules, dispensaries are open longer for convenience to clients. You can search for a cannabis dispensary near me to find a licensed marijuana vendor. Ensure you follow the set guidelines on inhibiting the spread of COVID19 when getting your supplies.

Get Started with the Right Product

The federal government still prohibits the use of marijuana. Statistics show that using the plant has less harmful effects socially than alcohol consumption. However, there are different species of the marijuana plant. Let us look at the different types you will find;

  • Sativa; after smoking the product, you will start feeling energetic. It enhances imagination, and it can boost artistic skills. You will find yourself being more cheerful. The high mainly settles on the brain.
  • Indica; unlike Sativa, users experience high all over the body. It is ideal when suffering from anxiety-related disorders and insomnia as it induces sleep. Sativa can ease chronic pain.

Consider asking for a product that suits you. With the background understanding of the varieties, you can know what to purchase, since it is probably your first time using it.

Methods of Using

Whether it is for medical or recreational purposes, here are some of the most common methods of using cannabis;


Users can now consume cannabis in foods and baked products. Consuming the product in edibles like cookies will delay the effect as it takes time to enter the bloodstream. However, the effects remain in the body for longer.


It is the most utilized method of consumption. Consumers use rolling papers to roll the product into blunts. Ensure you use standard paper to avoid inhaling toxic substances. Choose the right size of paper to use.


The technique involves burning the product and inhaling it in vapor form. It is a new technique that helps in consuming the parts of the plant and not extracts.

Other Methods

Modern technology enables companies to use marijuana extracts to develop products. They ate coming up with patches and cream to use for body pains. On the other hand, tinctures are soluble products users can place under the tongue or add to drinks. You can also find tablets that can dissolve in liquids or you can take orally.


Feel free to enjoy the feeling when you smoke for the first time. It will give you a new perception of things and enhance your senses.

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