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A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing

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Did you know there are more than 800 million videos on YouTube? The platform has become synonymous with video sharing and entertainment in today’s age. With such a massive platform, many people are afraid their channel won’t gain any traction.

If you’re curious about YouTube marketing, there’s plenty to know. Whether you’re marketing yourself or a new business, going in without a YouTube marketing strategy is dangerous. Read on to learn more about marketing on YouTube and how to grow your base.

What Is YouTube Marketing?

While the name sounds self-explanatory, video marketing is more complex than uploading videos.

Your YouTube marketing strategy will involve creating videos that engage with your audience. These videos will increase brand awareness and fuel your sales and revenue.

Furthermore, YouTube is set with several community features. These will need management along with your videos. Such features include community posts and polls, which further engage your audience.

What form your videos take is up to you. If you’re an entrepreneur growing a personal brand, you may seek to develop an influencer reputation. Businesses will often focus more on growing an audience for their select industry.

Types of YouTube Marketing

Now that we understand more about marketing, we can look at different types of YouTube marketing. When brainstorming marketing ideas, it’s important to know what strategy you’ll aim for. Here are the two main types of YouTube marketing.


Organic marketing is less focused on paying for marketing. It’s often an uphill battle and growing an audience will be more difficult.

In turn, you’ll sometimes make income off of your marketing from companies advertising with you. Such a strategy is great for some ventures, as you’ll be paid to advertise instead of paying to advertise.

Organic marketing involves building your audience, finding a demographic, and seeking out your customers. You’ll mostly do this through videos that seek to draw in customers. Organic videos include:

  • Branded stories
    • Short films
    • Documentaries
  • “How to” videos and instructional films
  • Interviews
  • Stories about your organization
  • Leadership videos with the company higher-ups
  • Livestreaming
  • External training videos
    • Formal education
    • Product demonstrations
  • Customer testimonials and success stories
  • Social media videos cross-posted around several platforms

Part of organic marketing is understanding which organic video type fits you. Are you an entrepreneur trying to set yourself up as an internet personality? Livestreaming, branded stories, and social media cross-posts are excellent.

However, the same strategy may not work well for the executive of a company. Instead, organization stories and leadership videos may appeal to your chosen demographic.

Think of what best fits your video marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to switch gears to another topic if it feels like you aren’t making progress.

Paid Marketing

If all of this sounds too difficult or time-intensive, paid marketing is a quicker and easier way.

Paid marketing can help you purchase ads for YouTube, Google, and more. These paid ads will help you get quick results while you organically build your audience.

As such, it’s great to have both types of marketing. Building an organic audience takes time, so why not run some ads while you work toward your goal?

There are multiple types of paid advertisements to look into. The three primary ads are:

  • Ads focused on brand awareness
  • Ads for drawing in interest and new customers
  • Ads focused on driving people to engage with the business

Think of what’s most important for your company and plan accordingly. Work both types of advertisement into your YouTube marketing strategy.

Tips for YouTube Marketing

With a better understanding of the marketing types, we can design our strategy. Here are some tips for how to make the most of your YouTube marketing plan.

Upload Frequently

On the internet, inactivity leads to irrelevance. If you fail to upload regularly, your video will rarely gain much traction.

Most search algorithms are based on relevance. Frequency of posting, engagement with your post, and similar factors will decide whether the algorithm suggests your video.

Post frequently without posting so often it seems to be spam. Daily or weekly posts are the best format. You can also create a schedule to adhere to which can help your audience know when to seek you out.

Broaden Your Horizons

Another crucial step is not to stick to one type of marketing. Are you losing traction with sentimental organic videos? There’s no reason to stick solely to one strategy.

Instead, broaden your horizons with multiple types of content. These will draw in people of varied interests instead of a single demographic.

If you’re struggling to find an audience, you can also broaden to professional services. Companies like LenosTube provide a way to help boost your viewership with ease.

Find Your Audience

One important factor in your marketing is reaching the proper audience. Who is your company targeting?

Operating without knowing your target demographic can dramatically harm your marketing. Different types of marketing will apply to separate groups.

For example, if your audience is dominantly elders, they won’t respond well to social media posts. A younger audience won’t respond as well to interviews with executives.

Think of who you’re reaching and tailor your marketing to their interests. Doing so can stop you from wasting time and effort on marketing strategies that never reach your audience.

Weave In Social Media

Regardless of your marketing strategy, solely focusing on YouTube is a mistake. Your company should have multiple platforms that you’re active on.

All social media platforms are effective tools. Consider linking to your YouTube videos from your Facebook page and vice versa.

Designing Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

The best YouTube marketing operations will focus on your audience and highlight your company. Focus on designing a YouTube marketing plan that works in multiple types of marketing. That way, you won’t have all of your eggs in one basket.

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