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7 Vet-Approved (Natural and) Healthy Snacks for Dogs

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Did you know that more than 60% of pet owners in the United States cook meals for their animals at least 3 times a week?

Animal lovers are creating gourmet meals for their furry loved ones, using many ingredients already found in the kitchen.

If you want good snacks for dogs, there are a few healthy options to consider. Keep in mind that not all foods are safe for dogs, but these are.

Continue reading to discover the best healthy snacks for dogs that won’t upset their stomachs!

1. Apples & Peanut Butter

One of the tastiest and most healthy snacks for dogs is apple and peanut butter.

Apples are great for dogs since they have so much fiber, which helps with digestion. Apples also contain a variety of antioxidants and vitamins that can improve their appearance and health. If your pup has bad breath, they will even eliminate some of the plaque and residue!

Adding peanut butter to apple slices can make the snack more exciting for your dog. It also adds plant-based protein to their diet.

Make sure you remove all of the seeds before tossing a bite to your dog. They have a poisonous ingredient that can make your pup sick. It’s also a good idea to get natural peanut butter since it’s free of chemicals and filler ingredients.

2. Bananas

Monkeys aren’t the only animals that love bananas— dogs do too!

Bananas are a great snack choice since they have low levels of sodium and cholesterol. Your pet will feel good after eating the fiber, copper, and potassium inside each bite. If your dog suffers from arthritis, bananas can ease its pain.

Aside from being delicious and healthy, bananas can help your pet’s digestion, heart health, and energy levels. Since bananas have a lot of sugar, give them in moderation to avoid putting them over a healthy weight.

If you want to make the bananas more exciting, you can mix them with peanut butter or blueberries.

3. Cucumbers

If you’re wondering, can dogs eat cucumbers, you don’t have to hold back any longer.

The next time you slice up a cucumber, you can toss a few pieces to Fido. This is a great low-calorie snack for dogs that will help hydrate them. Cucumber has practically zero fats and oils, so they shouldn’t disrupt their digestion.

Not only are cucumbers loaded with water, but they also contain potassium, magnesium, and copper. Vitamins B, C, and K are also absorbed in their system when they eat this crunchy snack. Dogs love that cucumbers provide a crunch but aren’t too hard on their teeth and gums.

If you live in a warmer climate or it’s a hot day, this is the best treat you can offer them. Another benefit of adding cucumbers to your dog’s diet is that this veggie helps fight bacteria that can lead to bad breath.

4. Carrots

The best way to give carrots to your furry loved ones is by keeping them raw and clean.

If your dog is a Scottish Terrier, it may benefit the most from eating carrots. This breed is prone to getting urinary bladder cancer, fortunately, the antioxidants in carrots can fight the disease. Studies conclude that carrots can slow down the development of cancer or even prevent the disease entirely!

Oral cancer is another concern for pugs, beagles, and smaller breeds. Adding raw carrots to their diet can prevent plaque buildup and tooth decay. The texture of the carrots is much to credit for this benefit since they act like a toothbrush.

5. Pumpkin

Instead of tossing away your pumpkin after Halloween this year, you should share it with your dog.

Pumpkin is packed with antioxidants, fiber, and potassium. It also contains plenty of vitamin C that will aid in digestion. Monitor how much pumpkin you share since too much fiber can overwhelm your pet’s system.

Many pet owners create homemade treats with pumpkin puree as the foundation. Avoid adding canned pumpkin pie filling to Fido’s bowl, however, since it can contain spices, xylitol, and sugar. You can also mix your pet’s daily kibble with pumpkin to create a smoother texture.

6. Watermelon

Much like cucumbers, watermelon can help hydrate your dog.

Watermelon is a delicious treat that dogs love since it’s refreshing, sweet, and crunchy. Watermelons are more than 90% water, but they also contain vitamins A, B-6, and C. The sweet flavor will make your dog devour whatever you place in front of them.

You must always check the pieces you share for seeds. Watermelon seeds can cause digestive problems and intestinal blockage if they aren’t removed. You will also need to keep the rind away from your dogs since they can cause gastrointestinal problems.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and carrots share more things in common than just colors and food groups.

If your dog needs more vitamin B-6 or C, this is a great treat to give them. The vitamins and antioxidants will rid your dog’s system of toxins and aid in digestion. Sweet potatoes contain plenty of potassium, which will keep Fido’s kidneys healthy.

Stay away from raw potatoes. You can dice up the potatoes and boil them so that your dogs receive the most benefits. Dried sweet potatoes aren’t recommended either since they’re associated with kidney disease.

Keep These Healthy Snacks for Dogs Nearby

Trying these healthy snacks for dogs can improve your pet’s appetite, digestion, and appearance.

Low-fat snacks for dogs are hard to come by at the store, but you can check your pantry and refrigerator for safe options. Fruits and vegetables are typically safe for dogs, not only are they natural, but they also add nutrients to their diet. When your dog eats good food, it will feel good.

Don’t forget to remove seeds from apples and monitor your dog’s response to new foods.

You can learn more about the best snacks for dogs by visiting our blog for the latest pet-related content!

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