Causes Of Bicycle Accident

7 Prominent Causes Of Bicycle Accident

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The increasing cases of bicycle accidents have been covering a major chunk of our daily news. Bicycles, an unparalleled way of maintaining a low budget, help you have a healthy lifestyle. One can easily use it for traveling to and fro work, and also is pollution-free.

However, riding a bike on the regular roads is a dangerous affair due to the presence of heavy cars and other such conditions. Here, you’ll read some prominent causes of bicycle accidents.

Abrupt lane changes or splitting

When the rider abruptly shifts from one lane to another, it is seen that he or she happens to overlook the traffic conditions or signals in the blind zone. This can not only lead to the collision of the cycle with a bypassing car or bike but can also lead to crashing with the footpath.

Causes Of Bicycle Accident

Open car doors

Not always is a bicycle accident caused due to the negligence of the rider. There are occurrences where a parked vehicle opens the car door in the way of an approaching bike. This can cause significant injury to the biker.

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Unsafe speeding

Speeding is one of the significant causes of all road accidents. This reduces the visibility of a driver or a rider and also reduces the chances of preventing a probable collision due to the lack of interaction with drivers.

The chance of bicycle accidents is largely accelerated by unnecessary speeding. And, the damage caused in the accident is also proportional to the same.

Influence of drugs or alcohol

Several drivers face both criminal and civil charges for driving under the influence. Drunk driving can not only harm the driver but is also a prominent cause of bicycle accidents as it blurs the individual’s sense of judgment and decision making.

Left turns or sudden stops

Miscalculated distances or confusion of directions also happen to be one of the leading causes of bike accidents. Moreover, abruptly stopping a vehicle without slowing it down or without any signals might also result in the collision of cars.

Inexperience or cycle defects

Lack of experience of the bicycle rider or the driver of oncoming vehicles results in hasty road decisions. More so, a cycle that has defects, such as loose breaks, is not fit for riding and can also compromise the safety of the rider as well as others on the road.

Bad roads

Potholes, debris, uneven road surfaces, especially in the rainy months, can be a nuance. Moreover, roads lacking appropriate road signs and signals can also be a hazard to riders’ safety.

Bike or bicycle accidents can result in severe injury to the rider as well as other people involved. Starting from cuts, bruises, and burns, cycle collisions can also be the reason for the breaking of bones, spinal injuries, etc. Therefore, it is vital for a rider to keep the safety measures in mind while riding the bike.

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