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7 Must-Have Enclosed Trailer Accessories

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The trailer industry is expected to be worth nearly $50.7 billion by 2029, indicating the high demand for these types of vehicles. One of the most popular styles is an enclosed trailer that can protect your assets during transportation.

However, investing in the right enclosed trailer accessories is critical if you’re to get the most benefit. Otherwise, you could be wasting valuable space and have to make more journeys than is necessary to transport your goods.

By learning about the most useful additions you can make, it’s possible to maximize the advantages of having an enclosed trailer.

Let’s find out more.

Enclosed Trailer Accessories

After buying an excellent trailer from a company such as Pro-line Trailers, you’ll be eager to add high-quality accessories. The key is to understand how each addition can improve your trailer so you can pick the ones that give you the most value.

1. Enclosed Trailer Cabinets

One of the most effective trailer storage solutions is to use enclosed cabinets. These can fit neatly against a wall, and you can choose between various sizes and shapes depending on your storage needs.

It’s a good idea to look for cabinets that are built from a durable material such as aluminum to reduce the risk of damage from bumps. You should also ensure there are secure drawer latches fitted to prevent items from falling out during transit.

2. Cargo Nets

Cargo nets offer a simple way to secure items in your enclosed trailer. It’s easy to anchor your cargo net to a wall, and you can then place your belongings behind the strong netting material.

Larger possessions won’t fall between the gaps in the net, but smaller items could slip through. To avoid this issue, you can purchase a cargo net that comes with a mesh lining.

3. Enclosed Trailer Shelving

Enclosed trailer shelving can massively expand the storage space in your vehicle. You also have numerous choices when it comes to picking shelves that will fit perfectly into your trailer.

For example, you could opt for wood shelves as a cheaper alternative to metal shelving. However, if you are storing harsh chemicals or sharp objects that could damage wood, you may be better off paying extra for metal racks.

Picking between closed or open shelving is another important decision. While it may be easier to find materials that are stored on open shelves, items could also fall during your journey. In contrast, you can lock a closed shelving unit and keep your possessions safe and secure.

4. Additional Trailer Lighting

It’s not always easy to locate what you’re looking for in an enclosed trailer, especially if the lighting is dim. If the light level isn’t sufficient, this can lead to you wasting time and becoming frustrated while searching for belongings.

However, you can add extra lights to your trailer’s interior to illuminate the space brightly. It’s possible to fit permanent lights to the walls and ceiling of your trailer, but if you are looking for a more affordable option, you could place small lamps in strategic positions. This means you won’t need to pay an electrician to complete the work.

5. Enclosed Trailer Workbench

Workbenches are practical custom trailer accessories that can make your vehicle more versatile. You’ll be able to stop your trailer at any time and immediately get to work at your bench with everything you need close at hand.

Think about what tools you commonly use, and what size of bench will be required to carry out your work. You can then look for a workbench that has the right dimensions and storage options. This could include having drawers for your equipment and hooks where you can hang your tools.

6. Cleaning Station

It’s vital to prioritize a cleaning station when selecting trailer parts and accessories. Even if you usually only make short journeys, hygiene is of paramount importance. This can be especially crucial if you tend to work in your trailer or carry potentially hazardous materials that you may need to wash off your hands in an emergency.

Pick a robust sink that is easy to clean, and make sure your station has cupboards for storing soap and hand towels. You can also buy a water heater so you’ll always have hot water when you’re cleaning up.

7. Wall-Mounted Hangers

Hangers can be underappreciated when it comes to storage options. But they’re incredibly handy when you need somewhere to keep your overalls, coats, and hats. As you can place hangers high up on your trailer walls, they’ll also be out of the way and not take up too much space.

Whether you’re searching for enclosed trailer accessories for landscapers, carpenters, or plumbers, having hangers to hold clean clothes ready for use can be a great advantage. Hangers also tend to be inexpensive, making them a good choice if you’re on a budget.

These Enclosed Trailer Accessories Can Make All the Difference

Picking the most suitable enclosed trailer accessories can make your trailer infinitely more useful. Cabinets and shelves can add plenty of additional storage space, while a cleaning station can help you keep your hygiene standards high even on longer trips.

Wall-mounted hangers are convenient, and having extra lights means you’ll be able to easily find everything you need in your trailer.

Select one or more of these accessories and begin kitting out your enclosed trailer today.

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