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7 Benefits of a Marketing Career

With more businesses pushed online than ever, now is the ideal time to enter a marketing career.

But you might wonder if marketing is for you. What kind of benefits do marketing jobs give you? And what skills can you learn?

Starting a career can be daunting, but we have a guide to all the benefits a marketing career offers. Read on to see why marketing is right for you.

1. A Secure Future Profession

A scary amount of careers are at risk from automation. But machine learning lacks the empathy needed to connect with an audience.

Marketers react to emotional signals and intuition. Data guides us, but in the end, it is people that get the results.

2. Earn The Salary You Deserve

According to Indeed, entry-level marketing positions earn $53,220 per year. And you can climb the ladder fast if you put in the effort. Bigger profits, greater rewards.

Marketing has no strict barriers to entry. Many newcomers come armed with degrees. But drive results, share them, and these will speak volumes.

Commissions, too, can pump up your paycheck. Check out this Amplify My Business review to see what we mean.

3. Flex Your Creative Muscles

Like writing? Design? How about crafting 4K videos? Or building a client website? You can do it all in a marketing career.

Marketing is one of the few creative careers where you earn well and have fun. Being around creative people boosts your creativity in turn. Get inspired.

4. A Marketing Career Hones Transferrable Skills

Marketing splices creativity, business, and management. You get to taste all areas of a business. You will work with solopreneurs, start-ups, even multinationals.

You can apply marketing skills to any industry. Solid marketing strategies can take you far. Ready to move on? Your skills will follow you.

5. Network Like A Pro

Few jobs offer the network kindling of a marketing career. We connect online, face-to-face, with clients, with colleagues, with leads. It’s what we do. And with practice, we can all become pros at it.

Make an impression in the right places. The fluid, flexible nature of marketing can let you accomplish anything.

6. Remote-Work Friendly

There are more people online than ever. And you can start a marketing career from anywhere. Got a passion? Set up a blog from your local cafe and market it. Ask a friend if you can help promote their business.

Digital marketing is one huge slice of the marketing pie. From Facebook to Twitter, from Tik-Tok to Instagram. You name it, and the big brands are on it.

7. Entrepreneurial Springboard

Got the independent spirit of innovation? The skills, contacts, and experience you gain in a marketing career can help you stride out on your own.

With a marketing career under your belt, you know what works. You can spot marketing opportunities. And you can adapt your business for success.

Ready To Get Started?

We hope we have helped you get to grips with the benefits of a marketing career. Marketing is one of the fastest-moving, most in-demand jobs out there. And if you have a fire for it, you can succeed.

We have more business tips for you on our site. Get to where you want to be. Check it out today.

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