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5 Signs You Need to Hire an Employment Attorney

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It’s not uncommon to feel helpless when things go wrong in the workplace. You don’t believe you can stand up to your employer, so you stand by and watch bad things happen.

The good news is that this isn’t the case. There are many employment laws that protect employees in bad situations.

Do you think you may need an employment attorney in the future? Read about the five situations below to learn when hiring an attorney makes sense.

  1. Employee Abuse

Abuse is more common than you think in the workplace. People are discriminated against based on their race and sex. Even though there are laws against it, employers believe they can get away with it and do it anyway.

Sometimes human resources don’t take these complaints seriously. If you’re in a bad situation at work or know someone else who is, hiring a lawyer is a great way to get advice for dealing with the situation.

  1. Safety Violations

It’s not on the employees to make a safe workplace. It’s up to business owners to create a safe environment and implement procedures to maximize employee safety.

But some companies cut corners with safety and put their employees in danger. If you work in a location with safety issues, contact an employment lawyer to learn your options.

  1. Wage Theft

Although most employers are fair when paying employees, not every business plays by the rules. They do everything possible to reduce employee pay when they believe they can get away with it.

It’s not legal for employers to do this. Hiring an employment attorney is a great way to get results if you don’t get the pay you expect. They can bring your case up to the labor board to help you get the money you’re owed.

  1. Illegal Firing

It’s not hard for employers to fire workers, especially in an at-will employment state. If an employer doesn’t like what an employee does, it’s in their right to fire them.

However, there are limits to that power. There are employment laws that guarantee every worker’s rights that employers can’t do anything about. If you think your employer broke one of those laws by firing you, contact a lawyer to see if you can do anything about it.

  1. Whistleblower Actions

There will be times when you see your employer do something illegal. It may not have anything to do with the employees, but it’s something against the law and needs to come to light.

Many whistleblower laws are available to help protect you if you want to come forward. An experienced lawyer can walk you through the process to help you contact the proper authorities.

Don’t Hesitate to Hire an Employment Attorney

Many people believe they don’t have options when an employer abuses their power. They don’t want to lose their jobs and make waves at the company. The good news is that you have options that will protect you.

There are many situations you can fight back against if your employer is doing something wrong. Make sure you understand when it makes sense to hire an employment attorney to get the help you need to protect yourself against your employer.

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