5 Reasons Why Plastic ID Badge Holders are Essential

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Investing in your company’s security and organisational levels is one of the most powerful things you can do. Safety should be a top priority in our day and age, and unfortunately so many businesses and environments are missing out on a secure, functional atmosphere by not allocating a little attention towards how their identity system operates. Identity cards are the perfect first step for increasing the overall safety and functionality of your business, however, there is a guaranteed, cost effective, simple way of taking their benefits and increasing them ten fold – identity card accessories! A plastic ID badge holder in Australia is the ideal accessory to invest in, in fact, you might go as far to say that plastic holders were absolutely essential. Here’s why you need to invest in plastic card holders right away…


One of the most obvious benefits of implementing plastic identity card badge holders is protection. Cards can be subject to a lot of wear and tear, as any item that’s used at least once a day would be over time. They can be left in areas where spills or scuffs are sure to happen, your workplace might be an environment that deals with fumes or chemicals, or your staff’s bags might just be full to the brim with water bottles and lunches that are just waiting to cause trouble. A plastic holder ensures that your identity cards are perfectly protected and fully functional everyday. This will also help to strengthen your company image when IDs are on display, tattered or worn out cards never look professional.


Longevity is a side effect of the sustained protection of your identity cards, and what an amazing side effect it is! You’re investing money in your identity card, but you’re also putting in time, office space and effort – whether you’re using a printer provider or you’ve decided to (wisely) purchase a plastic card printer for your business. You want to protect that investment and limit the pain of having to reprint lost or damaged cards constantly. You’re paying for printer software, ribbons, ink, plastic cards – and all those expenses add up. By using ID card holders, you’re saving time and money for yourself and your company. Protection and longevity go hand in hand.


A bit of good old fashioned convenience goes a very long way in business environments. Your staff need to be able to access their identity card easily, whether you use a scanning, tapping, staffed or sign in system. Make the movements in your office or workplace’s entry way run smoother and far faster with the implementation of card holders. These make IDs far more easy to access through the increased volume, cards simply feel more substantial and recognisable with a holder over them! Speed is vital in many different working environments, with so many comings and goings, those few seconds or minutes spent fumbling around in bags or wallets really do add up. You can also opt for holders that are able to stash multiple cards instead of just one, taking convenience and card accessibility to the next level!


Identity card holders are a great means of attaching your cards to different accessories. They are compatible with lanyards, lapels, clips, pins and badge reels – meaning you can invest in them knowing that they’ll work for you and your company way into the future. You might not use accessories yet, but it’s nice to know that the holders that you’re allocating funds to are actually going to help you out for the long run. This is an accessory that will adapt along with the ebbs and flows of your company environment, serving you security and convenience all the way!

Increased Security

Finally, the accumulation of all of the above benefits simply lead to one conclusion – your workplace is going to be safer. Your staff and company security is so incredibly precious, and holders really are the most cost effective and easy means of getting yourself to a better place when it comes to safety. What’s more, you’ll be able to recognise all of these benefits pretty much right away, which is all the more rewarding and assuring for any business.


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