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5 Dog Bed Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Does your dog lay on a pile of clothes on the floor because your regular dog bed is now their throne?

Some canine companions have moved up in the world, with gorgeous beds that match their taste and owners’ budget. Other dogs are still getting by on the bare minimum.

Don’t keep your furry friend down. Avoid dog bed mistakes with this list to pick options that work for both you and your dog.

Not quite ready to take the leap? We think you should. Check out these five dog bed buying mistakes.

1. The Wrong Size

To ensure you choose the right dog bed sizes, look for an option that allows your dog to curl up and get comfortable. Measure the floor area where the bed will be placed, then subtract 6-8 inches from the width and length to determine the best size. Choosing a size that is too small may cause the bed to easily get dirty or be cramped and uncomfortable.

2. Making a Poor Choice of Substance

Owners must be sure to select one that is constructed with materials that are harmless and highly durable. Unsafe materials may contain upholstery dyes and chemicals that can be toxic to both pets and people. Opting for a bed that is too thin may result in a flimsy bed that is less comfortable and less supportive.

To ensure the satisfaction and well-being of the dog and its owner, owners must be sure to invest in a bed that is made with high-quality padding. Materials that are strong and tear-resistant are also essential.

3. You Put Price Over Other Factors

A cheaper bed may seem like a good deal initially, but it may not last as long as one with better materials and craftsmanship. Make sure to look for a bed that would be best suited for your dog.

To get more information on the different types of dog beds, you can visit Kingboy dog beds. They also have different options for dog beds that will suit your budget.

4. Not Considering Your Dog’s Chewing Habit

To avoid this mistake, research different materials for beds that are resistant to chewing and are more difficult for your dog to destroy. Chew-proof materials like steel, denim, and polyolefin fibers can be a great solution to your pup’s problem.

Consider bringing a toy or two home every time you go out so your dog stays busy when you’re away. This will prevent them from turning to the bed for entertainment.   

5. Not Knowing Your Pet’s Needs

Take the time to reflect on your pet’s habits, sleep patterns, and lifestyle. There are specialized beds depending on size, age, and activity level, and not taking the time to consider what your pup needs could lead to a bed that does not satisfy their sleep and comfort needs.

Every pet has different needs and comfort can vary from pet to pet. Always take your time to know your dog and research before purchasing their new bed.

Make Your Pup Feel at Home Buy Avoiding Dog Bed Buying Mistakes

Dog beds are an important part of providing a comfortable and secure environment for your pet. Dog bed buying mistakes such as buying the wrong size, material, or type can leave owners feeling frustrated and with a product that is not suitable for their pup.

To ensure you get the best bed for your fuzzy family member, be sure to do your research and make sure it is the right fit for your pup. Act now, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect bed for your pup.

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