5 critical factors for buying a sweater

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Sweaters are the most popular winter clothing for women. They are next only to the ladies jacket in terms of popularity.  Buying a womens sweater online is a good option considering the large choice of options, prices, material, colors, and patterns accessible to you. If like me, you thought buying a sweater is all about just selecting an image and buying, you are wrong. There are five critical factors that have to consider before buying a sweater. A similar might be available for ladies jackets too, but the focus on this post is for womens sweater online purchases.

Sweater price

Price of a thing becomes a deciding factor in many cases. In the specific case of sweaters, this should be the last factor to be considered. I believe a sweater worth couple of hundreds worn only for a month or two is expensive compared to a sweater worth a couple of thousands but is worn for more than two or three years. In general, sweaters are used frequently only during cold months. This is one reason why people become price sensitive and choose options that are not value for money in the long run. According to me, the price of a sweater should be the last critical factor to consider but the first one to overlook.

Sweater material

Sweaters are made of multiple fabrics. Sometimes, they are also made of a mix. The and classic practice of sweaters made of wool is a golden one. The topmost material for sweaters is wool, followed by Alpaca, Cashmere, Cotton, Linen, and Polyester. One of the main difference between these options of material is the thickness and the weave. A thumb rule is to opt for a material that is thick, is water resistant and light.

Sweater styling

The styling of the sweater should be decided based on the use you want to put it to. Sweaters for office wear naturally have to be different than sweaters that are teamed up for casual events. There are various kinds of sweater neck and sleeve styles. Crew neck, turtleneck, shawl neck, v-neck, and round neck are some of the common styles in sweater neck. Sweaters come in varying sleeve length like no sleeves, half sleeves, full sleeves, and three fourth sleeves. Each of these varieties can be paired for a smart look with different kinds of tops.

Sweater Sizes

Three elements are important for picking the right kind of sweater size for you; measurements of chest, sleeve and sweater length. Getting them right decides the comfort factor for you with a particular sweater. The sweater should be snug enough to be a body fit to keep you warm but it doesn’t have to be too tight. Ensure the measurements of these three elements are akin to that of your dress shirt; close enough but not tight.

Sweater colors

Winter months are cold and in some cases bleak too. Warm and bright colors are always a welcome when compared to greys and blacks.

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