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5 Common Landscape Design Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

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It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy looking at a great lawn. Even if everyone doesn’t have the resources to maximize their landscapes, 79% of people consider a nice lawn a critical factor in their homes.

That’s why so many people invest in making their yards even better, and the good news is that you don’t have to have decades of experience to create a fantastic landscape.

Unfortunately, many landscape design mistakes will make caring for your yard even more challenging. Avoid the five mistakes below to keep your yard looking great.

1. Using the Wrong Plants

Many people see exotic plants and believe they’ll look great in their landscape. Even if they are right about something looking great, your home may not be the ideal climate for those plants.

You need to make sure that the plants you choose for your yard work well for your climate. At worst, non-regional plants won’t survive and cause you to have to replace them. If they do survive, you’ll need to step up your regular landscape maintenance to give those plants everything they need to survive.

2. Not Having a Budget

You don’t need a ton of money to create an incredible landscape, but that doesn’t stop some people from going overboard. They overengineer their yard and invest in all the luxury landscape features they see.

Create a landscape project budget before you start your gardening project. Unless you have a maximum amount in mind, you’ll spend a small fortune you don’t have on your yard.

3. Ignoring Focal Points

There’s more to creating an incredible landscape than planting things in random spots. If all you do is that, it’s hard for people to get a clear picture of your yard and will have a harder time appreciating it.

That’s where focal points help. A focal point can be anything from a fountain to a patio. You build your landscape around these focal points to provide a more appealing landscape to viewers.

4. Forgetting Lounge Areas

Even if you can view your landscape from a distance, it’s even better when you have a place up close. Unfortunately, many people cram as many features as they can without providing somewhere to relax in the yard.

Patio areas for relaxing are a great way to enjoy a landscape. Set aside areas in your landscape for relaxation and place them in prime locations to enjoy your whole yard.

5. Not Getting Expert Help

While you can do a lot for your landscape independently, there’s probably a limit to what you can do independently. You probably don’t have the same level of experience as an expert landscaper.

It makes more sense to work with a pro like Lush Green Landscapes. You can get more landscaping ideas from an expert and know that the job will get done right the first time.

Don’t Fall Victim to Common Landscape Design Mistakes

Properly maintaining a landscape that’s more than just grass takes a lot of time and expertise. Because of that, it’s easy to fall victim to common landscape design mistakes.

If you want your yard to look right, keep the above mistakes in mind when coming up with your landscape design ideas. You’ll end up with an amazing yard that looks great at all times of the year when you do.

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