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4 TV Shows With Autism Representation and Inclusion

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Autism diagnoses are on the rise. With the number of children being diagnosed, autism must be depicted in the right way on television.

While movies have been made that specifically tackle autism, TV shows have been instrumental in giving references to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

There has been a rise in shows where autism is involved in the plot or where one of the main characters has autism. With this increased awareness, TV can become more representative of individuals with autism.

Here are the best TV shows about autism representation you should be watching!

Thomas & Friends

The goal of the show is to “promote understanding and acceptance of children with autism.” It also demonstrates that “rails of friendship can help children navigate complex social situations.” The show includes messages such as having sensitive ears, being anxious, and not understanding change.

In addition, it highlights that having autism doesn’t mean one cannot do great things. With the right support, and friendships even autistic people can achieve their goals. Bruno Thomas and Friends has been released to show how a person with autism behaves.

Love On the Spectrum U.S.

Love on the Spectrum US is a groundbreaking TV show that focuses on the lives of people living with autism while they seek their soul mate. The show follows their journey as they navigate the dating world, getting the help and support they need to break out of their shell and find the person of their dreams.

It offers a valuable look into the autism community and provides much-needed representation and inclusion. This is one of the reality shows about autism, with the participants being filmed and then shown in episodes as they search for love.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is among the Netflix show about autism. The show challenges existing stereotypes of autistic people. The character Dr. Sheldon Cooper is an exceptionally intelligent, highly functioning autistic person.

He demonstrates unique social skills, values, and tendencies that challenge typical societal views. Through its representation of autism, the show serves to humanize individuals with the disorder.

It also brings the mainstream into a greater understanding and acceptance of those with autism. The Big Bang Theory also features a rich cast of characters that range from non-autistic to autistic, allowing for a wide variety of representation and inclusion for those with autism.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been covering autism awareness since 2017. They provide real stories from families that have experienced the conditions of having an autistic family member.

They also have an autism-friendly Muppet character named Julia. Julia is a 6-year-old girl who loves singing, and playing pretends and has autism.

Additionally, Sesame Street has created two new Muppets, Karli, and Charlie, whose family is affected by the opioid crisis. Through this, Sesame Street has been setting an example of inclusion and acceptance when it comes to autism and other life experiences.

They provide a positive and realistic representation of children. This is why Sesame Street is one of the preferred shows for autistic toddlers.

Watch These Shows About Autism

TV shows that include autism representation and inclusion shine a light on the importance of disabled individuals in our community. Every person serves a purpose, and everyone should strive to make those with disabilities feel included.

Now is the time to prioritize diversity and acceptance, so why not start watching shows that support these values? These shows about autism help to promote understanding and appreciation of those with special needs.

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