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4 Tips for Camping in a Roof Top Tent

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About 40% of leisure trips in the United States are camping trips. Air travel isn’t the ideal getaway it used to be thanks to rising costs and airport delays.

Camping became the ideal solution because people wanted to reconnect with nature without worrying about COVID-19. New campers discovered the emotional and health benefits of camping.

Roof top camping is becoming a popular way to camp. Rather than pitching a tent on the ground nearby, you pop a roof top tent open on top of your car or truck.

It’s a comfortable way to camp without worrying about squirrels and other critters trying to get inside your tent while you’re sleeping.

Want to know how to make the most of these types of tents? Read this guide to learn tips for camping in a roof top tent.

1. Buy the Right Roof Top Tent

How do you buy a roof top tent? Start with your vehicle and measure the space you have available on the roof. You’ll also need to consider the weight of the tent and the roof’s capacity.

Consider the number of times you plan to use the tent and the climate. Some types of tents are designed for cold weather and durability.

Once you have an idea, check out reviews to find the best roof top tents. You’ll learn about brands and models to narrow down your tent options.

2. Get a New Mattress

Roof top tents don’t have the most comfortable sleeping options. You’ll want to get a new mattress right away because you’ll enjoy your first camping trip in the new tent.

Be sure to price out mattresses and add the cost to your roof top tent budget.

3. Don’t Forget About Lighting

Roof top tents don’t come with a lighting system. You’ll want to have something so you can play games or curl up with a good book after dark.

You can get a ground lamp that creates light throughout the tent. Some types of tents have the option to hang lights from the top of the roof top tent. You may be able to string lights around a tentpole.

4. Keep the Tent Comfortable

Depending on the time of year you use the roof top tent, you need to take a few things into account to make it comfortable.

During the cooler months, take hot water bottles with you to stay nice and warm in the tent. You can bring extra blankets to keep yourself comfortable while you’re sleeping.

Condensation is a concern when the temperatures drop overnight into the early morning hours. You can control condensation with a condensation mat and cooling sheets.

Roof Top Camping Options and Tips

Roof top camping can make your camping experience that much more enjoyable. These tips will help you get the right roof top tent and make it comfortable.

Put them to use, and you’ll have endless fun on your camping trips. Wondering where you should go for your next camping adventure? Check out the Travel section of this site for ideas!

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