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3 Types of Essential Property Management Services

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Did you know the property management industry is a gigantic one that saw about 75 billion U.S. Dollars in revenue?

It’s no wonder why companies hire property management companies.

If you’re considering a property management company, and you don’t know what are the different types of property management.

Read on to learn more about the different property management services that a company can offer your business.

1. Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is one of the most important services a property manager can provide. It helps to find out that any potential tenants are reliable and able to fulfill their responsibilities as tenants.

Through tenant screening, landlords will gain insight into a potential tenant’s financial stability, criminal background, and credit history. If you are looking to hire property managers in Pennsylvania to help you manage your properties, you can visit for more details.

Running a Credit Check

The process involves checking credit reports from all three major credit bureaus. Then make an informed decision on whether to approve the application. Running a credit check is significant because it can reduce the risk of renting to a tenant who has poor credit.

Verifying Tenant’s Rental History

When verifying a tenant’s rental history, property management services must review the tenant’s past rental payments. This will determine if the tenant can be trusted to rent the property. The services will verify the tenant’s rental history to ensure timely payments.

2. Rent Collection

Rent collection is an essential service in property management since it is the major source of income for landlords. Rent collection services include the landlord sending out periodic invoices and reminders.

This ensures that all tenants pay rent on time. Property managers may also negotiate lease terms and contracts that specify more details about when rent payments are due.

Post Tenant Notices

Property managers inform tenants of upcoming events and changes in policy. They ensure tenants understand the nature of the changes implemented. Post-tenant notices serve as a method for communication with tenants regarding late payment policies.

Provide Payment Information

Payment information includes credit card and bank account information. It is the property manager’s responsibility to collect payments from tenants. Property Managers should then provide detailed information each month regarding payments received.

3. Eviction Processes

Many property managers help landlords with the eviction process if they need to. This covers both the paperwork and the eviction itself. Eviction services can help with things like sending out notices to renters, filing papers with the court, and making sure the tenants leave.

Property managers may even help with strategies to prevent future evictions. They will help landlords understand and apply the law while working with tenants.

Failure to Pay Rent

Tenants who don’t pay rent can be handled by experienced and knowledgeable property managers who can give the right help and services. This means talking with the tenants personally to set up payment terms and, if necessary, getting legal and regulatory advice.

Expired Lease

When a lease has expired, it is up to the property manager to ensure that full-service property management is taken care of. The owners can opt to renew the tenant’s lease, find a new tenant, or have the tenant move out as possible.

Consider This Property Management Services Today

Property management services don’t just help landlords and tenants, but entire communities. From tenant screening to rent collection and eviction processes, there is something for every situation. Ask a professional property manager today and find out how they can help your situation.

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