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3 Tips for Buying a Used Dune Buggy

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Dune buggies have been around since the 1950s at least! It all started when various beachgoers would strip their cars down to the frames and then replace the tires with larger, off-roading tires. It wasn’t long before Volkswagen Beetles and other smaller vehicles were being transformed into buggies.

What makes dune buggies so popular? They give people a sense of freedom and adventure that normal vehicles simply can’t do. Are you in the market for a used dune buggy?

Before purchasing used buggies, there are a few things you need to look for, just like when purchasing a vehicle from a private seller or dealer. In the guide below, we’ll give you a few tips on how to buy a used dune buggy. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Inspect the Tires

Where do you plan to drive your dune buggy? You most likely want to take it off-roading on dirt trails or sandy areas. With that being said, having high-quality tires on the dune buggy is essential.

Good tires are required when driving on that type of terrain. Start by checking the tread on the tires. It shouldn’t be too worn, and you want the tire tubes to be almost new with no patchwork.

Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in new tires. Have the owner replace the tires before selling to you or have them come down in price to make up for the cost of new tires.

2. Check the Gas Tank

The gas tank on the dune buggy needs to be in good condition as well because it can affect the engine’s functioning. When looking at the gas tank, be on the lookout for signs of rust or damage. Either of these things can lead to contaminated gas, which can then damage the engine.

Any cracks or holes in the gas tank will need immediate repair or replacement since both can lead to hazardous conditions.

3. Review the Frame and Chassis

The frame and chassis of the dune buggy should be free of cracks and dents as well. Cracks or dents might allow moisture to ruin the frame or chassis and promote rust. The frame and chassis are what support the buggy and must be solid in order for the buggy to function properly and safely without error.

When scheduling dune buggy tours, you’ll even notice the staff inspecting the frames of each buggy after being returned. View here for more information on scheduling such tours.

Are You Ready to Purchase a Used Dune Buggy?

Purchasing a used dune buggy is similar to purchasing any other used vehicle. You don’t want to make a blind purchase. Take your time inspecting the entire vehicle and don’t buy one until you know it’s a safe dune buggy in great condition.

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